Looking to become a local package driver for ups where do I start?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by camaroman101, Oct 8, 2013.

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    the only openings i have found are for seasonal driver helper, seasonal driver (i can drive stick but don't have a class c license), and part time (3-4hrs a day) package handler. what is my best option to get my foot in the door and get noticed? and do i even have a chance with everyone else trying to get in? thanks for any help
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    Kick the door open...and walk in wearing nothing but work boots and a really nice tie. That might get their attention. Just sayin...lol.
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    You gave 2 options and you took one out by not having a driver license , so your only 2 choices are
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    My God, the suspense is killing me...
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    "Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel!"
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    Over, is it really like this on here all peak long? I wanna work for ups!! No, you don't...go away....lol
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    No, it'll be like this until March of next year if my experience here last Winter is any indication.

    I just wish people would use the search engine and realize there are plenty of current answers to their questions... This forum is extremely helpful to current, potential and ex-UPSers, but not when the long-term members with the most helpful insight feel badgered by the same questions multiple times a day, several days a week.

    That's kind of why I only start a thread asking for help when I'm drunk or have combed the forums for an hour or two looking for an answer that applies to the current contract. (And come to think of it, the vague contract change supposed to have already occurred this year might actually vindicate the incessant question-asking. I doubt most are aware of that situation who aren't already employed with Brown, but still....)
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    It is what it is, man. You can't fix stupid...lol.
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  10. RonBurgandy??????????

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    When I get approached and asked that question, I try to amuse my self and give very elaborate ,extreme answers. What ever comes into my mind at the time. It can be quite amusing
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    Just wait until AssistantSanta comes back (if he hasn't already).
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    Threads like this is why I pick my own helper or get a loader they know it won't last past Christmas
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    11 replies and the OP doesn't get a simple answer. C'mon guys. I know the same questions get boring but it's just as quick to answer as it is to bash the OP.

    OP, in most cases, becoming a UPS driver involves putting years in as a part time package handler. Gotta pay your dues. This is a seniority based company. If you can't or are unwilling to invest that kind of time, then you should look elsewhere. It is possible to start driving right off the street but you are put on a lower pay progression. The union contract states a 6:1 ratio for new drivers. For every 6 inside job promotions to driver, UPS can hire one outsider as a driver.

    To land a job like this where you can pull in around $80,000 a year (after 3 years), not counting full healthcare and pension, can take just as long as going to college for a bachelors degree in hopes of making similar money.

    I just finally got on the road after 5 1/2 years working 18 hours a week part time (on top of my 40 hour a week full time job). All for the big payoff in the end. In a better economy, or depending on location, you'll probably make it to driver quicker - maybe just a couple of years but it's unpredictable. I was told 2 years at start - took 5.5 years.
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    Put your ruby slippers on.......click your heels....and say....their is no place like home...their is no place like home!.Auntie M...Auntie M......lmao
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    It may be just as quick to answer the questions but it's way more fun to be sarcastic....plus it serves as enertainment for other members on here! Kind of a win win situation. There's no place like home, there's no place like home lol.
  16. camaroman101

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    i'm 24 and live in IL, on the careers sections of ups it states that I would need a class C
  17. camaroman101

    camaroman101 New Member

    Thanks a lot for the info, much appreciated. Didn't mean to annoy anyone but i didn't know that this was such an often asked question, my bad.
  18. barnyard

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    The very best thing that someone can do to get into UPS is to register at Brown Cafe and post. UPS will not even ask for a resume, you will just get a PM with your start time.
  19. HomeDelivery

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    oh ok... well most package delivery drivers in that state wants a class C... for haz mat deliveries

    ONE, so far from just looking at the site, doesn't require a class C

    Job Location: Westmont, IL

    Job ID: ILWES3

    you can probably ask the HR rep if it's really necessary since only 1 center in your state doesn't require a class C endorsement
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    I find it funny that FedEx guy giving the advice to a future ups person