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  1. Due to a serious health condition I do not know how much longer I will last in a courier position. I've got 6 years with the company and was wanting some feedback on about maybe trying to do something different. I am not interested in being in any type of management position. Have any of you heard of anyone moving out of a courier position to do something different? I would like to look within FedEx first. I need the insurance.
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    Agree, CSA would probably provide the best opportunity for a move. Dispatcher or Gatekeeper would be ideal but very few positions ever open up there. Good Luck.
  4. Dispatch would be ideal for me. I think I would have a lot to offer in that position. You're right though. Ive rarely seen a position come availible.
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    I here ya, what about a CTV driver. I have a friend who went from courier to a ctv driver and loves it...He started out part time and within 6 months he was made full time. While he was part time he was still getting over 45 hours a week. Good Luck to you.....
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    LOL, Same job, different title...All of us still refer to them as CTV drivers...lol...Am I showing my age!!
  7. Passing the physical shouldn't be an issue. I've always been in good shape. Ive been dealing with some stomach issues (surgery etc..) Don't want to go into too many details on here because of privacy. But anyways, staying hydrated in the heat has turned into a big issue this summer. Being out in the heat for 9 hours a day is killing me and putting too much stress on my body. I've been at FedEx and at one point UPS pretty much my entire adult life. Sadly it's all Ive ever known. Would like to stay in something related to shipping. Not sure if I've got enough seniority too do anything besides courier or CSA. CSA would be my last choice.
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    If you have no ethics and would sell your own mother for a quarter, try Sales. Dispatch, RTD, and Gatekeeper jobs are few and far between, and the RTD gig is out for most serious medical conditions.
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    You will never know until you try. CSA would be my last choice too.
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    Goldilocks, any idea what type of hours your friend works?? Sounds appealing but I'm guessing they have some insane hours. Do they have to work both AM and PM??


    I've heard that the hour cuts have made it to the CSA's too. That was the one place that you could get decent hours, now not so much.