Lose your Vacation for one year?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Stop Complete, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Hi guys, I have been with UPS for 15 years now. To date, I have 4 weeks vacation and one option week. As of Sept., I made the transition from PT to FT. Still doing my 30 days, have worked 20 since then. I also have one PT week remaining this month, however management is telling me that I "may not" be eligible for that week ( no pay, or time off). In addition they are also telling me that I will not have any vacations for one year, but to date I currently have over 1250 hrs. Is this true?
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    Not sure your exact circumstances, but it depends upon when your vacation "year" ends and begins.
    Ours is May 1st.
    When I went FT in summer of 2006, I lost all of the remaining vacation time. It was paid in a check and I did not get to pick vacations again, until May 1st, when the new year began. It was a long 9 months.
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    You won't lose the vacations but you won't be able to take any for a year, then you will get them. You get paid off for any unused PT vacations when you go FT.
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    You DONT have 1 week of vacation, you have 20 hrs of vacation. After you become FT, 20 hrs wont afford you a full week of vacation, and I think there is some contract language in place about not letting drivers take partial weeks of vacation.

    Im betting they will just cash you out of that 20hrs of vacation
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    He will receive a check for his 20 hrs.
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    That's funny. It just happened to me this week. My seniority date is 11/8 for my 4th week. So earlier, I set it up to be this week. Well I was told I will not be paid till 12/31. So it means now I wont get my 4th week till January 1st. Ups is always changing the rules. They wonder why I have an attitude sometimes. Can't imagine why?
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    Vacations is company seniority. You will get your full time weeks on your company seniority date. As for your Pt week that depends on you local contract. Then next thing is are you in a local that has PT cover driver language?
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    I see, so your basically starting over with a clean slate so to speak? In order to earn your FT weeks off, you must work at least 1250 FT hrs. (for the following year) Makes sense. Thanks guys. I was told by one of my former Supervisors that the way it's going to work for this year is: Once I complete my 30 days, you will work thru peak, then come Jan. 2014, I will get a pay out for 4 weeks, and one Option week, then I will be laid off. lol Sounds too good to be true...I guess I'll have to wait and see.
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    Hmmm, interesting. My company senority date is this month, however I have yet to get my 30 days in. And it's funny that you mention PT cover drivers, because as we speak, I am sitting at home on call ( but it doesn't look like they are going to work me today) yet, they have been working SVD drivers and even preloaders before calling me in.
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    when you go full time you do not get vacation for a year. You will be paid off the vacation time you have left after the end of the year, this is all based on you being considered a permanent driver. If your seasonal it is all different.
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    I remember way back when I lost my vacations. They made a mistake and paid me in full time hours. I waited 90 days and made a home improvement.
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    Did it go a little like this?

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    If you are a part time and take an Art 22.3 combo job, do you still lose vacation for one year?
  14. RonBurgandy??????????

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    No. It is not true. Your scheduled vacations are your scheduled vacations. They remain the same. Go on vacation as planned and grieve any lost pay or discipline.
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    Hey Mikey.

    I can't say for sure, but when I went full time from part time, I never lost any vacation time. From what I remember you telling me, you were an Air driver correct? I went full time from being a PT TCD. Now what is different is that our contract stated that IF I had 156 Driver punches, then my PT vacations became Driver vacations... Meaning I would get paid the 45 hours @ driver rate. That is the way our contract is down in Texas. So being that I had 170+ punches in each of the 3 years before I became FT, I was already getting FT vacation pay.

    What were your vacations and rate before you went PT. Were they for the 20 hours @ Air rate? Just curious.

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    Whats more, I became FT on Sept 3, 2012 and I took two weeks of vacation this year.

    So I didn't lose any and I think it is strange that they are making you lose yours. If anything, you may still take them, but your pay will be at your air rate for your pt hours instead of your ft rate.
  17. grgrcr88

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    This is probably something you better talk to you local Union about. Could be different depending on your area. I can tell you here, you cannot take your vacation and will not have any for the next year from your full time seniority date.
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    I think you don't lose your accrued vacation weeks. You would get it back and keep your 4 weeks of vacation, and maybe the option, but can't take any for while.
  19. Rainman

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    When I went full time years ago, they gave me the full weeks off but only paid me for 20 hours each week. Maybe things have changed since then.