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    I was recently approached for a possible LP position at ups in a major hub in NY. He told me this position is more focused and that skills are lost as a regular ops pt sup.I am assuming this LP position is also part time. I had nearly completed the process for pt sup, just waiting for the training. I was a loader for 2 years, 4 year degree, military, and airport screener (TSA). Anyone have any ideal what this job entails in the reality of UPS(he just gave a general LP overview) Is the pay different from a regular pt sup?
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    Your military and TSA experience will serve you well if you decide to pursue this position. Just curious, are you talking about Syracuse? I am not familiar with the pay of that or any other mgt position but LP is basically what it says--Loss Prevention. If you are assigned to a hub you will be working to ensure that there is no theft in the facility. The incidents of theft usually rise when a new video game or a new tech toy (I-Pad) is being released. Cell phones also tend to disappear.

    LP can be a thankless job.
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    When the LP guys don't have anything to investigate they have to do audits like a regular sup. They normally check that the feeders have load straps in place, seal control is filled out, and the metal seal is on and twisted around the latch three times when arriving/departing.
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    at my building they always have something to investigate,theft is so out of controll they fire at least 2 or three people a day.
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    And what Job isn't thankless at UPS... :happy2: