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Discussion in 'UPSers International' started by please sign here, Nov 4, 2008.

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    At the employee co ordinating group meeting today UPS informed us of a very serious incident that has happened to a UPS manager. This manager was on business in Milan Italy when his lap Top was stolen. This is bad enough but it has come to light that this lap top contained 8500 uk employee details such as N I numbers bank accounts details,salary details and any thing else you so desire, in truth UPS are not sure as to what is on this lap top and taking measures to inform every employee of such. The other problem is this happened two and a half weeks ago. So be aware.:anxious:
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    some government officials in ireland had a couple of laptops stolen there a while ago and it only came to light recently,there was a load of scoial welfare nos,addresses and bank a/cs so people too were warned to watch or change their a/cs.
    whoever the guy is from ups should be whipped with barb wire and dragged kicking and screaming down the road.

    only joking but why had he that info,that should have been uploaded off his computer and then files deleted.
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    Why would any one ever keep that information on a lap top? I am sure any good manager would not want that responsibility. I think they could remote access that info from a mainframe or have administrative assistant in an office net op with him if really needed.

    My son-in-law who works for a big health care co. in a position equal to a regional manager at UPS wouldn't allow his company to have that sensitive information on a lap top.
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    Got a letter today explaining the situation today, as did all others in the office.