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    Hello- I am convinced you kind UPSers can help me.
    UPS has given up and told me by bike box is lost. Tracking #: 1ZY1T5210395028617
    It went from Atlanta and was last scanned in Shrewsbury, MA on Wed. night 7/28. It was suppose to arrive in Burlington VT on 7/29. I called on 7/30 and they put out a tracer- 8/3 they declared it lost. It is a huge black hard shell bike box- 47x30x10 - how is it possible that it just disappeared? I'm convinced people on the phone are just saying- nope, don't see it. The label may have fallen off, but it is somewhere! Please, what suggestions do you have? What can I do? Thank you so much. Lee
  2. I have never seen in my life as a UPSer a Claim issued so fast. A tracer use to take 10 days of searching for a box. After calling over goods in the last center the box was in. Then giving it a few days to get to Over goods in Atlanta they would call there before putting it to claim status. Did you pay for insurance? UPS covers the first 100 dollars on a package after that I think it's 35 cents per 100. I am sorry it seems UPS has stopped looking for that box. The claim will go out and get paid to the shipper.
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    sry my truck broke down i didn't want to get fired for lates....so i had to use your bike. :) jk
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    Shrewsbury = WORMA. I used to go there a lot when I was a bigtime Feeder driver!