Lost Job after 14 years

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    New to this forum
    I work for UPS Supply Chain Solutions in Blaine WA
    Last Thursday UPS told us they were Closing our Warehouse on Feb 28 2009 and Terminating our employment with the Company. 6 Total empoyees are losing their jobs. No wage cutting or reduction in numbers just a complete shutdown of the whole warehouse. UPS is laying people off-they just dont want you to know that. Be careful out there-dont trust the Brown to give you the proper information. This was a total shock. our profit numbers were up we made money. I also heard they were closing a Warehouse in Champlaign NY. :angry:
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    Sad to hear this. Good luck.
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    I haven't heard about SCS closing in Champlain--I will check in to it and let everyone know as we deliver to them out of my center.
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    UPS has consolidated regions-I am North Jersey being consolidated with Metro Jersey, we are being treated like the freckled faced red headed step child of the family. Alot of Admins here are losing there jobs, no one is being given the same information. i was given the chose of taking a Separation Package or take my chances on looking at the list of jobs-it's funny the news never gets wind of this-we have 70 here out of work-watch out admins-where ever you are
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    What i don't understand about the UPS buying all these SCS locations is they have closed many they have purchased. And as far as I know, many of the former canadian customers using UPS SCS are using different non UPS customs brokers after we bought and then closed them. 2 closures in New England last year, is there a disconnect i'm not seeing? or is there disconnect between these locations and the decision makers from above? Can anyone clarify this for me?