LOST package in Jacksonville FL Date last scan 6/16 $200 reward to finding it!

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    Hi everyone, saw someone else did this so i figured its worth a shot. Basically i had some custom wheels made and shipped by Cor Wheels of Doral, FL. I got 3 of them but one isnt here. Also just so everyone is on same page there was a mix up here yesterday when they arrived. One of the 3 i got was missing its label. So the UPS center of Wooster, OH went ahead and marked it delivered. Well I think the one he marked delivered is my missing box. These things are insured but they take 2 months to build. i really dont want to wait for another wheel, :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: im losing sleep over it apparently now... Its 6 am and i never wake up until 8:30 ever lol. The tracking number to this box is 1Z27TT220358015010. Reason the item shows delivered and one still shows out for delivery is one of the 3 that i have had label fall off and in Wooster the man there marked the wrong tracking # as delivered. I talked to my local UPS center and also had a tracer setup what a mess lol. It was last scanned in Jacksonville, FL 6/16/12. The box is a gloss white 25"x25"x14" It has Cor wheels written all over it in blue writing. The box is nylon strapped shut. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated!!! This is a one-off set of wheels and having 3 of a one-off set do much good for me at all. If anyone finds anything out my email is dean@safe7.com


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    whered my thread go?
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    Hi everyone, missing a box that was last scanned in Jacksonville FL, 1Z27TT220358015010. Item showed delivered because one of the 4 had a missing label in wooster ohio ups center and he just accidentaly marked wrong one as delivered. This box is 25x25x14 gloss white, nylon strapped shut and says Cor Wheels in blue writing all over box. Basically missing a wheel to a one-off custom set and they take 2 months to build another one :(. If anyone finds anything my email is dean@safe7.com. I would really appreciate the help, plus theres a reward :)

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    Brown Cafe overgoods.
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    I found it ,,it looks great on my wheel barrow,,,
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    The address label is missing or illegible. / The address has been corrected. The delivery has been rescheduled.

    i seriously doubt the label was actually missing, it was probably just messed up, especially since it was delivered AND SIGNED FOR

    there's far more to this story, and either the shipper or receiver is most likely at fault, not UPS

    anyways, if by chance it did go missing, it went to UPS overgoods and if your claim doesn't find it there, nothing will
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    The labels often get shredded, or disappear altogether. Rolling the irregulars causes this. Most shippers are pretty good with label placement, but the wrapped wheel/rim combos are especially slick for applying labels, as are the tires.
    I usually see around 1-2 wheels a week in our hubs overgoods or psc.
    Not saying it is or isn't the case, but it's not at all impossible.
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    Were 2 rims strapped together????? In other words, the 4 rims were shipped with 2 labels. The strapping broke on one and the 4th rim was separated from your shipment.