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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Integrity, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Integrity

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    Has anyone ever had or knows someone who has had their head slammed into the bulkhead wall during an accident in a UPS Package Car?

    Has anyone ever hit their face or knows someone who has hit their face on the steering wheel or the windshield during an accident in a UPS Package Car?

  2. Dustyroads

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    I believe if you google the words UPS head on accident, you will see many instances where drivers experienced the types of injuries to which you are referring. I, personally, know someone who had a severe, life changing, head injury after an accident in one of the GMC P500's that were manufactured in the 1980s, some had the 292 ci straight six, while some had the v-sixes, I think we are all familiar with the car. The guy was driving down a divided highway, but not one with limited access, and a truck crossed immediately in front of him, our package car struck the pickup broadside. Our man suffered severe head injuries. Just because no one on the cafe happens to know someone to whom this misfortune happened is of no relevance to anything. The vehicles speak for themselves, as do the multiple instances that one can see on the internet, if one chooses to look at that stuff.
  3. barnyard

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    We hae a guy in our center that had a crash that resulted in a head injury. No one knows if it was from the bulkhead, windshield or both.
  4. rod

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    Can't say I ever banged my head on the steering wheel or bulkhead wall but I did bang my head on the rear door frame of my old P-400 a few dozen times. :surprise:
  5. gorilla75jdw

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    i know a guy who had a accident in a package car. he was rear ended which resulted in a neck injury to the driver , who sued , and won , but lost his job because he could no longer perform his job to the companys satisfaction . the company gave him a settlement below 150 k , to which he gave a third to his lawyer . the company also has to provide lifetime neck and back insurance to him , that they do honor him with .