Low-Fat Diet Does Not Cut Health Risks


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Cheryl....regardless of what this study says, I don't plan on packing on that 42 pounds I lost. I know that I feel better for it.

Now, keep researching and find the study that says people who smoke actually repel viruses from coming into their lungs because there is no germ that wants to live within a smoker. :)


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leastbest.......I cut out sugar and "white stuff". Switched to whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, brown rice etc. Basically it was the general guidelines for a diabetic's diet. It works for anyone and it worked pretty quick. No liquor, no sugared sodas......can have diet soda.

Breakfast was low sugar instant oatmeal or a couple of eggs with wheat toast, no butter and sugar free jelly. Lunch was a sandwich with wheat bread and either deli ham or turkey with some pickles or carrot sticks & celery.

We ate lean meat or fish in small portions (like an Omaha steak portion) and grilled veggies.....no potato....and salads and bread (wheat) for every supper. For a snack at night Cheerios or Rice Chex ( they're lowest in sugar of all the cereals) with skim milk. Sometimes just a palmful of dry roasted ,no salt almonds.

Most importantly I switched my Venti Mocha Frappucino to a Mocha Frappucino Light and was able to have one a day and still lost the weight.

Hubby wasn't on a diet, but since I'm the cook he ate what I made and lost 27 lbs.


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That sounds like exactly what I eat everyday and I've lost 20 lbs. The best part is I have way more enegy. I've found that skipping breakfast is about the worst thing you can do, especially working here. I eat a bowl of oatmeal with some protien powder mixed in every morning. Great way to start your day.