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    I am a new employee to the company. I have about 20 hours of actual work under my belt so far, and I'm sore as hell! I'm a loader on the twilight shift. There are quite a few really motivated young cats who routinely boast that they run a 450 pph. I have been focusing mainly on remaining upright, but also building good walls with level shelves, natural T's, locking in, and stacking to the ceiling. My pph is pretty low (around 200), and I'm really trying to improve. Problem is, it's peak season (and my body is just not accustomed to the work yet) and the sups are constantly telling me to count to 6 out loud. I can hear them talking to each other about my pph, and I know it's me because I recognize the "210" or "185" and the FT sup dogging my sup about it. Then my sup comes in and starts giving me the business about it. My sup keeps telling me that I'm doing a great job and that my walls look great. I just worry that I'm not up to snuff. This was my 6th day on the job. I handled the second highest amount of packages of my group, but still only had a pph of 210. I was the last to be told to go home (6 hours and 20 minutes shift as part time), but got a "pep talk" about my pph and counting out loud at the end. I get to work early every day, stretch out, bring a 1.5 liter bottle of water, wear appropriate clothing, speak respectfully, and ask what I can do to help if ever my truck is clean. I'm just worried that this pph thing is gonna be the black eye that sends me packing at the end of the season if I don't raise it. I'm really trying and I like the job, but should I be worried?
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    Keep doing what you're doing. You'll quickly learn that nothing is ever good enough at UPS. You could be loading @ 500 PPH and they'd want to know why you can't hit 550. Be consistent and loading faster will come naturally. Work safe and protect yourself, because if you get hurt now UPS will fulfill any legal obligations they have and then cut you loose in a heartbeat.

    If you're a decent-sized hub, they'll be hurting hard enough for warm bodies that they'll keep you if you just show that you can actually come to work on time every day. Once you make seniority and are protected by the contract (you joined the union, right?) attendance/not playing Candy Crush on your cell phone become a hundred times more important than PPH.
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    I honestly believe the warm bodies theory. Thanks for the encouragement! Also just to qualify my statement, I am extremely motivated but I am not a young cat. At 37 I'm really feeling the pain in my shoulders and hands! It sucks, but it's getting a little easier every day. I really do like the people I work with, and I know my sup really likes me. I understand the concept of always wanting more from your employees regardless of how much they do, especially during this super fast high volume season. I'm gonna try to keep my head low and go balls to the wall as soon as my old body will let me! Just to add a note...I have constant problems with my hand scanner head disconnecting from my scanner unit. I'm sure that drives my numbers into the dirt. Oh well, I will be the best average pph warm body that they have seen! Thanks again Piedmont!
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    You are new bro dont let them get 2 you, i was in ur same shoes the prob with me is the truck i was in it was impossible 2 load 300 pph which is what they considered barely passing...1 thing i can recommend it is impossible to always do T's. Njst make sure your corner stone is a big pkg and what i used to do is leave sm area behind i would say 6-8 inchs room behind the front of the wall so i could power scan the pkgs and put them behind the wall. Some loads again its impossible to load high pph bc the trailers dont always get enough productivity that and you have to go get irregs in a d all that good stuff...like i said dont focus on a 100% grade on load quality im not saying load it so crappy that the wall is at risk of falling just sturdy loading quality walls takes time to get there they will say u didnt do this and tht right on quality always remember as said b4 UPS mgmt saying is there is always something they can put down even if you are doing everything correct. Another thing u can do if ur pt sup is cool as it seems you are saying tell him to power scan for you so u can just load the wall up that way it will blow ur pph way up so even the rest of the night it will help out the bad pph hrs alittle. To survive UPS as a feeder loader just stay busy, and if you are slow in 1 trailer jump in another trailer and help others out then go back over they will notice your incentive. Just remember you are in what we call the 30 working day packet put simple you are their slave until day 31 so just deal with it until then. The good news is especially if you are in a fairly decent size city area or probably anywhere its peak season they wont fire you i promise you that. Even know you are seasonal and not permanent as long as you show up everyday you will b permanent by 1/16/2016. Good luck and the soreness will get better after your second week hang in there.
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    Keep plugging along. With experience comes speed and precision. Nobody was perfect the first week. Eventually you start learning little tricks to make the job easier. It's different for everyone.
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    Do what you need to do to make your 30 days.

    Performance is not addressed in our contract. You do, however, have an obligation to work safety.

    Happy trails.
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    Git' er' done. Make the union they forget about all that crapola.
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    I've had the same problem. I've been working at UPS for 3 months now. In time your PPH will rise. The other night my sup texted me and told me how my pph was 660. He was impressed. Some days, i'll be on and some days off.
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    You should have that text printed out and framed. You won't get many words of encouragement during your UPS career.
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    Just a hint, bring a pack of rubber bands and wrap them around the battery pack on the scanners to keep the battery connected to the scanner so the scanner doesn't disconnect. Goodluck!
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    You're right. He still says "hurry up new hire!" and i'm like "stfu!" i love how i can curse at my sup.
  12. FrigidFTSup

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    You love the fact you're putting a target on your back?
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    Homestly speed will come with time, ive been working at ups for almost 3 years, dont dog on yourself and feel bad it will come to you in time. And if your in a truck that has crappy rollers where the packages dont come all the way to where your at doesnt help either just give it your all you will get there
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    Doctors don't have something they can prescribe to help those with low pph?
  15. Brown_Star

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    The word " hurry" is nowhere to be found in our contractual agreement that being said just smile at the number monkey while your grasping at opposite corners....
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    A target? No.. you have NO idea what you're talking about lol my sup curses at everyone! We always joke about it, even went out for drinks. No target on my head, sir.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    I think they have shots at the Dr's office that will clear up low PPH. Same goes for EDD.
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    Pph? Who cares just show up on time every day and work at a pace that wont get you hurt.