Low Quality,Worthless Managers

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    Lately, I've seen a lot of managers get the axe, including a few rare good ones. Unfortunately, their replacements are of very low quality. These are people who couldn't cut it as couriers, and whined or blew their way into the good graces of local management. Now, with all the departures, it's the Big Moment for these losers, and they are getting hired.

    Right now, all Express wants is lackeys who will do the bidding of upper management. It doesn't matter if they are abusive, cannot write or spell, and are unable to do the job. All that really matters is that they enforce policy. These are the new breed of "leaders", even more worthless than the outgoing crop of morons. Really, it's hard to go downhill from what we've got...but they're doing it. BZ!!!

    One, whom I have known for many years, is one of the laziest slackers I have ever seen. His attendance is poor, he begs-off anything that is a bulk or heavy, and he's generally an A-hole. Yet he just got an ops manager job, probably because they "owe" him for all of those under-the-table actions I alluded to earlier.

    Our management has always been poor, but now it's abysmal. Perhaps it's just another way to make people leave. Hire ignorant, uneducated bullies who can't even produce a memo without getting help from someone.

    FedEx has become truly pathetic, from the top right down to the local stations.

    When I think of our current management "team", I think of a freshly-laid pile of dog crap. At the top (with the flies), are MT3 and Fred, and at the bottom holding up all the rest of the crap, are the locals. They are the last layer of the swirl, and the smell of their incompetence is overpowering.


    I agree. We just got a fresh, just out of LEAP manager that has been w/X just under 4 years...as a PT crr!
    Totally clueless, totally lost, totally inept...I must add.
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    Its really sad. Our managers and SM are the best team we've had in all the time I've been here but we can just see it on their faces . They know, or at least think, there's a chance they'll be all gone in the next 6 months to a year. I mean, you can really see it on their faces. It's like a forcing a man to scrub down and waxing the floor of his jail cell, the night before his execution.
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    How true. The one I really hated to see let go actually cared about employees, which was the real reason this person got canned. No more being decent to "the help", because that might eat into profits. They set this poor person up, and there was no way to not fail under the circumstances specially created to expedite the downfall of this fine individual.
  5. Sounds a lot like Office. Any manager with any skill or ability has left. Wait, what the hell am I doing here? Oh yeah, hoping for a damn buyout. The replacements are talentless losers making half as much running around cleaning all day. This company has derailed. I'll be amazed if they don't do the right thing and wipe out the overpaid slop in Office and reallocate resources back to where it belongs- with couriers.
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    Managers used to actually care about you in the old days. Now they are just goons maintained by senior and above to do their dirty work.
    Our senior manager who on a good day looks like Alice Cooper is so competitive with everyone and everything. She acts that if you get in her way she will get you and she usually hunts people down that stand in her way of running the station. She really thinks she is so much smarter than everyone despite the lackluster high school education.Her goon manager who can not spell to save her life (barred from dispatch) will do anything she asks while turning a blind eye to safety and honesty concerns. She is just thankful to have a job, especially after passing out drunk in the warehouse and several bouts with domestic violence in which she was the aggressor. I do not know how she will deal with changes not allowing smoking on the property. I guess she will get wet this winter! I wish her luck if she ever has to face the "real" world.
    The other manager I had that was an abysmal excuse for a male of our species, stepped down to be a courier. I thought good for him, maybe he will lose a 100 Lbs or more but that did not happen. He is a heart attack waiting to happen. I am sure he was demoted and stepping down is what they call it when the truth can't be know.
    Seriously you can't write this stuff. The reality of stations today and the poor quality of management makes you really question the direction the company is heading. The more dysfunctional you are and weak in the mind, the further you will go with FedEx. The poor customers suffer everyday from the bad decisions and dishonesty of management.
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    Wow. This sounds like a UPS thread. :(
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    I think management at both have boarded a non-stop train to mediocrity!
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    Give that man some rep!!!!
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    So true, we also have some good manager..FINALLY...and a very good SENIOR....But I'm with you, there is a kind of look on their faces that nothing discribe...

    I hope Memphis is reading this because like I have said before and before, Fedex needs to go back in time....Remember....Couriers, Dispatch, Managers, Seniors, one VP and Fred....Thats it...Donald Trump we need you to say "Your Fired" to the rest.
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    Not to argue but we've always had directors and regional VP's.