Low volume, Paid actuals

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  1. jedispork

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    We had 11 trailers this monday morning. I would say our center is starting to average 2-4 less trailers a day. Our preload is mostly ft combo jobs. They are starting to offer a lot of paid actuals.

    I hear the saying you can't make no money at home a lot at work, which is true but I really feel great when I get the half day off work. Sometimes I will be talking with someone and say I'm not going home today if they ask and 2 seconds later they do ask. Before they can finish the sentence I'm walking as briskly as possible per safety regulations to the time clock and out the door.

    Some times I feel bad for my wallet but I can get by on 30 hours a week especially with my gf making the same money I do. She doesn't drive and works nights also so we can save 17 bucks from taking a cab by me picking her up from work anyway.

    I'm also trimming my expenses to get by with the extra time off since I think it will be this way for a while. Are these scheduled offs being offered everywhere or are they just laying people off? I know I don't have to leave but its tough to say no.
  2. Jones

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    I hear ya, it's tough to turn down that day off when they offer it.
    They handed layoff notices to the bottom 10 drivers in my building last week, but no one's been officially laid off yet. We've got loads of extra drivers though, every morning I have to run a gauntlet of cover drivers looking to run my route. I didn't work a single day last week, but this weeks going to be different! I swear!
  3. Foxups

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    Here in RFD they are giving a whole week off from the twilight sort to full time combos. They have laid off most of the part-timers.
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  4. jedispork

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    RFD is where I am at also. They asked if I might be interested in a whole week. 2 preloads off a week is the right balance for time off vs money for me.
  5. trickpony1

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    I would caution people against taking the whole week off.
    Where I am (Central States) you must work one day a week to get your benefits paid.
    When you take the whole week off the company doesn't have to pay your benefits thereby saving them a large sum of money and screwing yourself out of a weeks worth on contributory time.
    Think about it.
  6. jedispork

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    I think you also need a minimum amount of hours for vacation. Some people that have had really bad attendance and take a lot of time off I think are getting close to that number.
  7. Kraetos

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    I hate to get into the benefits in this thread since it is discussed many times before, but I've heard different. I heard that you have to work at least 1 day out of every month to get the benefits. As far as layoffs my hub has not seen any, I see new hires for pre-load at least once every week doing the training video. Gotta love Texas!
  8. 705red

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    It all depends on were you are, and what contract you fall under. Some get paid hourly for pension while here if i work at all just 1 day i get the full week.
  9. Bad Gas!

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    It's hard to get a day off here.Mgt says Mondays and Fridays are off limits for doctoes appointments.I'm glad we have opt 3 as a ace in the hole to call in..
  10. brownrodster

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    My center is finally to the point where I don't know if I'm working from day to day. It's mostly due to no drivers being on vacation right now. My bills are all paid for Feb. March should be better as there should be nearly a full load of drivers on vacation every day including myself for a couple weeks.

    I'm having trouble with the unemployment website. Do I take the option of "getting work through a union?" I know I'm union but I never thought of it as getting work through it like a tradesman. The other option requires me to send work phone numbers and contacts... I guess I'll have to phone up some drivers who haven't worked as much as me...
  11. Jones

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    I would make a point of scheduling all my appointments for either monday or friday.