Low volume, shady ops,lunch & buyouts

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  1. We are experiencing low volume in our building and sups are taking out rtes and loading us up to peak time when we had helpers volume. Seems the key is to give everyone 150 stops a day for business rtes and 180 -200 + for resi rtes. We are told we must stay under 9.5 and yet the splits are taking more time to do because they take more time.

    So you do all this and the ops do not reflect it. 95 bus signature stps and 55 resis is only giving us like an 8.10 planned day .

    On top of it they are telling us we still have to take our hour lunch ( we have to put it in the board regardless) and they are telling us that if we are spending anytime talking to a customer -it counts as lunch time. With this setup the drivers have NO opportunity for a lunch.

    We are seeing 10+ drivers going home everyday.

    I am a second year driver in the east, just getting started and know there has to be something wrong here and just wanted to know if this is going on elsewhere.

    Also, our building has a lot of 15+ year vets. Why doesn't UPS offer buyouts to these guys ? Listening to them - I think a lot would accept a decent offer and it would allow UPS to grow a younger , less expensive workforce. Or does this just make too much sense ??
  2. Do what they tell you to do.Follow the methods, take your hour lunch and dont talk to your customers. If you cant finish in time, call your sup and let him worry about how the route will get done. He gets paid to worry we get paid to deliver.PS no talking to customers=no sales leads. Be the walking,driving,delivering drone they want you to be. You should make alot of money this year.
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    If you have only been driving 2 years, consider yourself lucky to be one of those still working.
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    If On Car Sups are taking routes out after sending drivers home, is anyone filing grievances? Clear cut contract violation.
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    Dont take short cuts ,take lunch ,and if it means working to 8 or 9 oclock so be it . If your sup has a problem tell him to pack a lunch and lets go.Its not your problem their numbers are messed up.
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    Easy for me to say since I have been working for UPS for many, many years, but....don't let the numbers get to you. You are your own worse enemy if you do. They are impossible numbers to meet unless you run it off. As long as you are doing your job they manner in which they instructed you, they can't do anything.
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    Dont worry about the numbers! Keep your wheels moving walk at a brisk pace do not run and use the methods. I have never represented a driver that worked properly for being over allowed. The most they will do is hound you over the numbers, but only as long as they know they can get to you. Ask them if they can do your route better and ifso why are they now in management?
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    705 is dead on with his advice, but I would add that your steward should be filing a grievance against every supe who is taking out a route and taking a job from a Teamster. Article 3 is crystal clear about this issue. Remember, when a supe does your work, you are contractually entitled to double time. As 705 stated... use the methods... they are your best defense.
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    I'm thinking that when he writes "sups taking routes out and loading us to peak levels", what he really means is that they are cutting routes and loading everybody up.:peaceful:
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    It gets so old after a while.
    Because of their Op reports, the new and improved numbers are killing all of us.
    Every day is 10, and every day we just dont do it good enough.
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    Tooner do you feel that you are doing your job the right way? Do you feel that you are servicing the customers with the best intentions? If you answered yes to these questions than you are doing enough, remember we dont get paid to make the bosses happy! We get pais to make the customer happy and they are the ones that pay these knuckle heads in ie that make up these numbers.

    I suggest that i.e. must prove these numbers by running these routes in there so-called alloted time. Until they can show me they can meet their numbers than why should i try?

    Keep up the great service for the customers for our name is United Parcel SERVICE!
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    Everyday at our building it's exactly like that Groundhog Day movie. The same empty suits running around with the same sheets of paper. That's all these people can do, look at a piece of paper and ask why. Keep in mind they don't actually care why because they already have "why" made up in their mind, it's because you're a lazy thief. The computer knows all and sees all, but in reality it doesn't know :censored2: all. Everyday the picture gets more clear that frontline management is on the way out the door, especially with a bean counter at the helm down in Atlanta. They have no authority and can't even make minor decisions, they have been reduced by corporate to the "politician" role...just there for posturing and show.
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    I have not worked since 26 Dec 2007, they called me to verify that I have not had any tickets and told me they need to get me in but I have no clue as to what is going on in the building.
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    Unless you are out of an extended center or a small hub I find that hard to believe. The "after peak" volume was up over 40 per cent from last year. You may want to make an unannounced visit to feeder dispatch, buy the dispatcher a cup of coffee and visit with everyone (also known as "find out what's going on").
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    Thank You, I will do that. I see the same volume of their vehicles on the road too.
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    That may be true in your center but not everywhere, Our volume here is running about 3 to 5 percent below last year. Not that big a deal but we have some guys in feeders that have only worked a day or 2 a week the past couple months.
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    If I was Feeder53, I would question whether my benefits (H&W, Insurance etc.) are being paid during this period of absence that was not of his choosing.
    I would also question whether he needed to get a withdrawal card so he doesn't have to pay initiation and back dues again.
    Many people couldn't make it not working for 2 months but, as he mentioned, he has a small business at home that may take the edge off the situation.
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    Always send a text via diad too. That way they can't say they never got your call. Send them updates as to what is off and what is left. If you are going to miss deliveries, businesses, or pick ups, SEND THEM A TEXT THROUGH THE DIAD.

    Work one stop at a time. No speeding, no running, no short cuts. I have a guy in my center who speeds and runs all day so he can go home early. He made about $63-64,000 last year. I cracked $70,000. I still make 9.5 at least 2-3 days a week and I file when I have too. When his back and or knees go they will cast him aside like a leper.

    File on the sups working and get paid overtime for all their hours worked too.