Lower seniority f/t driver/feeder laying off higher seniority p/t preload??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by jedster, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. jedster

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    In my center i hit the 4 year mark on 12-5-11 in preload. I received a terrible christmas present from UPS on friday when i looked at this next weeks schedule. A package car/feeder full time vacation driver that has only been with UPS for around 6 months is kicking me out of preload. I have always been told that can not happen. Another driver (which agrees with me) is checking into it with our union rep but that will be after the holidays before we hear anything back from him. I've been sick to my stomach since i saw his name on the schedule and mine gone. I love my job and i've worked hard everyday to show everyone that i am serious about it. I will not be able to stay if this is going to continue which really messes everything up and crushes me. Does anyone on here know if this can really happen?
  2. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    How could he have only been with UPS 6 months and he already be a FT package car/ feeder driver???
  3. jedster

    jedster New Member

    He's an off street hire, every 7th driver has to be... or so i'm told. Sorry should have put that on there.
  4. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    IF he were to be bumping someone it would be the lowest seniority PT insider or two lowest to make up his 8 hours.
  5. jedster

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    Wow, i just can't believe that can happen. I can't believe after 4 years i'm gettin bent over like this especially by someone that did nothing to earn his position. He did not kick me (or any other preloader) out a single time this fall and there were a lot of days where he did not deliver or feed. He was complaining to everyone about it. That's what confuses me. I guess he found someone that would back him up.
  6. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    sounds like you are the cry baby.
    Working on the road is very different than preload, just to make it requires a lot of hard work and many aching muscles, along with many missed family life occasions.
    I have done both jobs and many others over the years , and being on road is the toughest position there is.
  7. jedster

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    You sound like an intelligent one baba. U would be in way over your head if you came to the center i work at and said that to me in front of everyone. U don't know me. Read the post. I never said anything about which job is harder. I know how hard the driving is and the hrs they put in and that is why i am still in preload after 4 years. I enjoy my family time more than money. I am simply asking if this is in the rulebook somewhere. Everytime i ask someone for a rule book they seem to guard their copy with their lives so i thought someone on here would know.
  8. pickup

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    Cachsux has the right answer. That's the way it works in New Jersey also. The feeder driver can bump but it has to be lowest guy on the totem pole. Are you that guy or is there someone lower than you??? And if there is , it shouldn't be you that is being bumped.
  9. jedster

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    I'm the one that would be next in line in preload. I forgot to look at local sort. Maybe i will have to bump someone out of that. We are only a 8 person preload team at my center (including clerk, spa, and unloader) so there will be 4 drivers loading when i'm bumped.
  10. 959Nanook

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    I will respectfully disagree that jedster is being a crybaby. I get it.. he has put his time in with UPS and someone from a higher classification (with a later Company Seniority Date) is coming down into his classification and it is costing him stability that he has spent four years working for.

    @jedster - I have been/am in all positions being discussed (part-time, full-time driver, backup feeder) in a small Extended Center and it gets hairy at times with ever changing applications of the Contract and UPS HR policies.

    As a casual observer, it seems to me that the street hire is a great asset for your management team and they are probably going to do what they can to keep him. Is it fair? IMO, it is if UPS and Teamsters enforce the CBA in your jurisdiction. Someone is going to get laid off. Just a simple cold hard fact of the matter.

    In my jurisdiction (primarily because we are an Extended Center), we sometimes revert to Company Seniority Date when we mix Feeders with other classifications. If your CBA allows that in your scenario, maybe you can stay on the schedule. Best regards either way.
  11. Backlasher

    Backlasher Stronger, Faster, Browner

    You have 4 yrs. seniority? So what about others inside with less seniority then you? Are they all laid off as well?

    He should be bumping lowest seniority. Tell us, their has got to b insiders with less then 4 yrs. Are they already bumped??

    Also, he has no inside seniority/ part time seniority if u will so He shouldn't be able to bump.

    Yes, he has 6 months full time seniority but his seniority for your center/hub/building is less then yours.

    Tey're just trying to keep him from drawing unimployment cause he has higher pay. You make alot less so your unimlopyment will b less and they probably don't want him taking his CDL license & go elswere but hey, it's their loss sence they want to play that 6-1 game instead of getting an insider on the bid that earned his keep.

    Screw em and fight it cause being part time I know you can't afford to be layed off and 4 yrs is a decent time of investment that u earned.

    If your steward and B.A. let it slide then push it further and move up that chain or else SENIORITY IS POINTLESS!!!
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  12. Lugo

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    They probably cried to give them that position... I know some people at my job who have been working for a few months and they are already a f/t package car/feeder driver.
    I don't know why. There's one guy who has been working at UPS for a less than a month and he's a supervisor. I do 1k an hour as a loader and I bet if I apply for a supervisor position or driving, they wouldn't give it to me.
    They didn't even want to switch me to the pre-load shift!!! I was told to quit then.. but I wrote a letter and managed to transfer which I start in two weeks. I'm Latino, so that explains it all. My English is fluent though.
  13. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    Check with your shop steward. In our area, a FT, off the street hire, can only bump non-skilled PT. However, if 4 drivers are bumping into your work area and you are 4 from the bottom, chances are, you are laid off. If you are skilled PT, you may be able to bump a non-skilled local sorter. More than likely, the drivers will be doing that, so you would have to have more seniority than the lowest person still working.
  14. UPSGUY72

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    You say off the street hire is that he was a temp driver before or a PT SUP somewhere in your area before???? I say area because my seniority list cover 3 building.

    He might be an off the street hire but his building seniority date might fall back to the first day he ever start to drive for UPS as a Temp if he was a temp which could be years ago and if he was a PT sup his building seniority would fall back to the first day he started working at UPS.

    YOU need to read your local rider and see what it says.

    In my area a FT displaced driver can only bump the lowest seniority person in the classification that they got put in if that person has less seniority then them also a FT person who has not reach top rate is only guaranteed 4 hours a day not 8.

    Call your business agent and let them know what is going on.
  15. JonFrum

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    Jedster, what Contract Supplement do you work under? The details vary from one Supplement to another.

    Look in your Supplement's Seniority Article, and especially the Layoff language within the Seniority Article.
  16. JonFrum

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    Not true.
  17. lastoasis

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    I bet they call you in anyway. Half of the preload will be made up of guys who don't know what they're doing and really don't want to be there. Recipe for chaos
  18. terrymac

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    I dont know why I worked 20 years to get a feeder job. I speak good english to
  19. robot

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    Your English is some poor
  20. Backlasher

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    Fummy right. 20 yrs to get into feeders yet a guy pulls a 6-1 off the street. I get the seniority thing but the outside is just a noying and a littel insulting to those of us sitting inside waiting those 20yrs. I don't like it but I guess if I was that 6-1 outsider I'd b laughing all the way to the bank. Maybe I should quit and stalk the UPS seasonal job listings?

    Naugh, my wife would have my butt. LoL.

    Did I mention I don't like that 6-1 though???