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    The 2007 Looting Time In Partners (LTIP) was handed out to grade 20's and I have heard that it could be extend for 2 more years. What type of people would ask their workers to forgo so they can fill their own pockets? Not many companys would let the "upper crest" rake it in while they ask the bottom people to stand still. Again congrats to the Dispatchers for a tenative agreement, I hope the are fairly compensated, the grade 20's are.
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    Yes, LTIP exists. It was not eliminated with the current cuts.

    Because LTIP, MIP, and LTI are all performance based programs and tied to business elements, the management committee did not eliminate them.

    Your information about grade 20's in comparison to other companies is not accurate. UPS has about 400,000 people. I estimate that there are less than 1000 grade 20's and above. That would equal less than 1/4 of 1% of UPS employees.

    How much do you think employees in other companies at a grade higher than 99.75% of the of all employees would make?

    I know first hand, and its higher than a UPS grade 20. This is why HR recommended adding LTIP to the compensation package for those people.
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    You think that's bad? What I want to know is why the airplane mechanics make huge buck when we preloaders only get 9.50 an hour to start. What kind of lame union allows this kind of injustice?
    (tongue firmly in cheek)
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    Wouldn't that be "less than .25%"? :funny:
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    That is what he said. Your correction did little to advance the conversation.
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    I am less concerned about the fact they are getting the LTIP, and more concerned about whether or not it even remotely resembles the 2006 when the MIP was 1.6 due to poor performance against the goals set, somehow the LTIP exceeded all goals...Since the MIP has changed, it's not a game of how profitable can we be, it's how well did the goal setters do thier jobs?
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    It's tough times and everyone should have to make concessions, including those at the top. I don't see these "underpaid" grade 20's standing in the welfare line. Maybe they won't be able to afford that second vacation house or the tuition to send their kids to private school or the five figure country club membership this year. They are still living very well. If they are that selfish to tighten the belt on everyone else in the company except themselves, then they really are arrogant elitists.
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    How are they tightening the belt on everyone but themselves? My understanding is that no management will get the salary raise this year, including the grade 20's. Likewise, the 401K match was canceled for everyone, as with the change in DESPP. Bonuses for all levels were left unchanged. So from my understanding, they have asked no more or less of the rest of the company than they have asked of themselves in these latest cost cutting measures.

    Has anyone heard differently?
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    I never said that they were in the bread line or that anyone should pity them.

    I responded to a thread saying that grade 20's were asking people to do things they were not willing to do.

    BTW, a large % of compensation for grade 18's and above is incentive based and tied to stock growth. They have had 10 years of worthless stock options.

    Again, no one is asking you to feel sorry for them, but they are not riding the gravy train.

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    Fair compensation--Good topic to discuss.

    --UPS line mechanics make just over $43/hour (minimum $89,440/year)

    --FedEx line mechanics make just over $40/hour (minimum $83,200/year)

    --ABX line mechanics make about $32.70/hour (minimum $68,016/year)

    --US Airways line mechanics make $29.06/hour (minimum $60,444/year)

    Should UPS line mechanics make 47% more than the US Airways mechanics for performing the same work? Is that fair?
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    We at UPS work on every aircraft, every engine, every system, and must have RII, ERT, CAT, and ETOPS on a mixed fleet. Mechanics at "airlines" are not asked to do what UPS's demands from us. I have spent 20 years moving commercial jets in a safe, timely, and legal manner, and UPS rewards us with fair wages for a more than fair days work. I have explained this to you several times, get the big picture. We only want a fair wage, free heath care, 2 pensions, and a 401k match and we will continue to provide a valuable service commitment to our Pilots, internal customers, external customers and most of all the safety of the general public. We are close to an agreement with UPS and it will be a bargin for the company. We will be rewarded and in turn UPS will continue provide customers with safe and dependable service.
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    If it makes you feel better just think of aircraft mechanics as grade 20's, that actually do something. Each employee should be concerned of the RSU's and LTIP's.
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    Your argument is that you are worth more than your peers in other companies with similar jobs. Maybe you are correct and should be paid higher than those in other companies.

    Its interesting that you started this thread by bad mouthing grade 20's and their LTIP which was designed to get them closer to the pay of their peers.

    Seems inconsistent to me...

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    Now that's funny, I don't care who you are! :rofl:
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    Yes, it is fair.

    Hell yeah it is fair the UPS mechanic makes more than the mechanics with the other companies because the other companies probably do not treat their employ like a piece of ----! You have to be fairly compensated to take all the bull---- that UPS puts on you. The other mechanics at the other companies are making well and probably have a better quality of life because they are respected for the trade that they know and are not micro managed to the point of exactly being told when to stop applying pressure to the wrench when working on the bolt of the front left wheel with the x wrench only. Although the y wrench fits perfectly and is made for the front left wheel the UPS mechanic must uses the x wrench because his sup thinks it will work better even though his sup has never touched a wrench. I could go on and on but you work here, you know the drill. And do not tell me the y wrench is made for the front left wheel you just do as I tell you to do and use the x wrench even if it does not grab the bolt like the y wrench does. OK enough. I am getting mad now.

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    "Mechanics at "airlines" are not asked to do what UPS's demands from us"

    Are you saying that the skills and ratings that the FAA mandates for all airline mechanics is radically different from cargo to passenger? In what way? I'd like to know what UPS mechanics are required to have for ratings and certificates that passenger mechanics are not. Thanks for the clarification and education--always good to learn new things.
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    When was the last time a ups plane crash landed in to the hudson? There is a difference in pay between the two and thats for a reason!
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    Red, that was a stupid analogy. There isn't a mechanic alive who could have prevented what happened to that plane. If it wasn't for Sully you may have had 155 victims instead of 155 cold, wet passengers/crew members. Sometimes you amaze me (and not in a good way).
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    Lat time i saw/read anything on that crash they could not say for sure what went wrong. They think it might have been birds, but the investigation is not over.

    Too be honest with you, you are the last person that i think about when i post on here, because i do not care for you!