Lufthansas Pilots to start 4 day strike

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    It seems the German Airline, Lufthansas, pilots have began a 4 day strike. Please google or go to Yahoo finance and read the details. 4k pilots are taking on the airline for numerous issues. It seems this year will be the year for airlines and package employees to turn to the NMB and PEB for help in dealing with long expired contracts and labor issues. It seems that companys are trying everything to take back from the end line employees that are actually working to provide service to customers.
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  3. Just FYI, the Lufthansa strike has been called off temporarily (at least untl March 8, 2010 as per the German news magazine Spiegel)after both parties have met in a labour court. Normal operations are supposed to restart at Tuesday 0000 h Central European Time. Considering all factors, it might take a few days to reestablish the entire flight schedule (both domestic and international).