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    If I don't take my lunch break I get paid for all my hours right? Someone mentioned that its possible they take an hour out of your day no matter what, is it true? There are some days where i only take a half hour cause im bored and i want to make sure i am not getting screwed.
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    When you punch in this morning look for the pay code on the home screen. It should say "06". This means that you are working with a meal break taken out. If you change the code to "05" you will then be working for hours (punch to punch) and will not have a meal break taken out--you usually need permission to change pay codes.

    The meal break taken out will be whatever your supplement provides for unless you enter a different time in your DIAD. If you are supposed to take 1 hour but only take 30 minutes you will only have 30 minutes taken out. You may also be invited for a sit-down with the center manager.
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    Thank you. I'll look for the code when I get in. I have taken half hours lunches before and never had anything said to me.
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    Talk to your on-car. Your DM might allow some wiggle room on this. They are touchy about because of some legal issues, but ours has said, at times, to at least put 30 minutes in. This can change like the wind, though. Just communicate to your management team. It does help sometimes.