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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by derf3733, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Delivered

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    Were were told this morning at PCM that UPS will no longer automatically take out 30 for our lunch breaks. I bet a lot of the rookies drivers will for sure be skipping their lunch breaks now.
  2. Cementups

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    you mean 1 hour. You get an hour lunch and a 10 minute paid break as a full time employee. If you skip your lunch, it's your fault
  3. 30andout

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    Different in different areas. Where I am its only half hour and two paid 10 min. breaks.
  4. mittam

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    not here we only get 30 mins for lunch not 1 hour, the way it sounded in our pcm we have to take lunch and put it in the board since we would be technically working off the clock for 30 mins a day by not taking our lunch, and we are not allowed to work off the clock. See how it holds up! Of course your center and ours getting exact PCM with different views is par for the course. I willl ask and see what the diff is and see what our cen. man. says, let you know on Thursday.
  5. Channahon

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    Does a driver who is in a bonus center have to take their lunch or is it their decision to skip lunch, get in earlier and get paid for the planned day?
  6. breadbooze

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    I'm in a bonus center and get paid my 8 hours plus bonus if I come in under 8. It's a "deceitful" way to get drivers to skip their lunch and "get paid" for it (presuming they do at least 40 minutes worth of planned work for that unpaid lunch hour). Regardless the lunch hour is still taken off.

    If you're not going to be done in 8 hours you may as well take your lunch, that's an hour of OT you're giving away by not doing so. Bonus or not.
  7. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Anyone who doesn`t take an hour lunch or enter it as a paid lunch is a fool. Also it is law that 8 hours of work gets 1 hour lunch.
  8. tieguy

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    not in his house. Sounds like some locals have language that only requires 30 minutes.
  9. rushfan

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    I haven't heard it in Idaho. As I mentioned in the other lunch thread, someone figured out who I am. We don't enter the lunch/break times in our DIAD. I was told they weren't used in our area.

    My opinion is- If I were paid to work through my lunch I would. However, since the hour is deducted from me, with changes to the bonus system, and the implementation of PAS, why should I work unpaid through the lunch hour.
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Here in the southern region its 60 minutes that can be broken into three increments. The lunch cant be taken until after the third hour and must be completed before the 8th. But of course this is ignored by some and they take a "speed lunch" and then hit the road and then finish the rest of their lunch at the center and is not only after the 8th hour but after the 9th and 10th as well. And there are a few people that don't take a lunch at all. I tried taking the rest of my lunch at the center once and couldn't resist the urge to clock out and go home. Haven't tried it since. Instead, when I'm done eating I'll chill a little while. If I start getting restless I'll use the rest of the time to sort the rest of my load. It's not a bad plan because I always sort the second half of my route after lunch anyway.

    As a TCD I don't get to driver everyday, except during peak, so I think I missed the Lunch PCM. Or maybe we just didn't have one.
  11. mittam

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    Yeah here in Kentucky/Ohio District we get 2 paid 10 min breaks and then unpaid 30 min lunch that we were told we have to take and also have to put it in the board everyday.... OOPS I forgot to put it in the last 2 days!
  12. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    This no lunch thing is crazy. I get out of my truck and eat my lunch and read my newspaper for my entire one hour lunch period. And I take my 10 minute break everyday. This is your time and you are entitled to it. If you don't take it, then you are jus t giving your time and money to UPS.
  13. truebrownchic

    truebrownchic New Member

    You Should Take Your Lunch And Record It In The Diad. This Will Prevent Fradulent Timecards.
  14. Jack4343

    Jack4343 FT DR Specialist

    Me and between 4 to 6 other drivers in the area meet at various restaurants every day and take our full hour. It's a site to see with all the brown trucks in the parking lot. Sometimes a on-car sup comes out to meet us and pick up our misloads. The sups don't say anything because they know it's beneficial for us to meet. It promotes teamwork and commraderie. We always help each other out and never let any of the other drivers go under with work. We work together and I'd like to think it's because of the bond we've formed from meeting for lunch. We've even joked that they'd have more drivers show up for the PCM if they held it at our lunch stop.
  15. dragracer66

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    It's only a law to have a 30 minute lunch for an 8 hr shift not 1 hour!!!
  16. wyobill

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    Ill bet you run 1.5 over your time allocation. I do when I take my full lunch hour!
  17. wyobill

    wyobill New Member

    Whats a bonus center? An 8 hour plan day here takes 9.5
    to do........
  18. mattwtrs

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    Jack4343: I remember those days a long time ago where you would meet 2 or 3 other drivers for lunch. The senior drivers would offer advice and direction to the rookies if asked. Customers knew they could get their COD send agains the same day. Misloads were exchanged. If someone knew they were going to have heavy pickup volume arrangements were made without a phone call to the center. If someone needed to be home early that usually happened too. Now the better looping & dispatch prevents that from happening. Oh for the good old days!
  19. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    Actually I usually run anywere from 50-100 units under. I pride myself in being very efficient.

    We have a group of guys in our one center that meet up everyday at 2pm for lunch. During regular deliver season there may be 4-5 of them but during peak it has been know that there were up to 12 guys meet up at one time. A lady I used to deliver to used to be a center manager in VA and questioned me about it. Her biggest concern was that there was no way that all of those drivers were close enough to ther actual areas to find it plausible for them all to meet there. I think the furthest any of the guys traveled from there area is 1 mile. As stated by Jack, they would all help each other out and make sure everyone made 9.5. The bosses didn't mind either since that they knew as well if they needed to find them for anything, everyone would be at the same place at the same time.
  20. crazygill

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    anybody no how much the drivers in Cal won from the good old ups for FRADULENTLY touchen our time cards with out us knowen about it for how many years???????? wake up