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Hi there. I'm writing a short piece for Atlanta Magazine that will take a look at a slice of corporate culture at UPS. Could be something funny, quirky, controversial or just plain interesting. Best if it's something the public hasn't heard a lot about (I think, for example, that most people know that UPS'ers each have a set of browns).
Can anyone help? You wouldn't have to be quoted, so there'd be no danger in getting into any trouble.
I'm on deadline, unfortunately, so if you can get back to me today or by 1 p.m. EST tomorrow, I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks much!
Christine Van Dusen
Atlanta Magazine
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Sometimes time is tight in journalism, and that can't be helped. I'm trying to do my homework -- can you be of help?


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Is there some aspect of UPS in particular that your article is going to be focused on? In what context are you writing about the corporate culture? In comparison to other companies? As a unique experience? As a union workplace?

A funny story about a driver getting chased by a dog won't be much use if you're writing about the board of directors.


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Here's a lil bit for ya..being a UPS driver is great for pickin up chicks. Some of the female drivers feel that way too. Heck, it is how I meet my wife.


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I wouldn't give her any info on anything. Something doesn't sound right why would she wait till the last minute for this. She can view threads on this site and get all the info she need's, I think we all said it all on here!! If she want's info on UPS go to the corporate office your already in Atlanta!!!! Sound's like a Fed Ex employee trying something smart!!!!


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My goodness. OK, no, I'm not a Fed Ex person. I'm a journalist. And sometimes the nature of journalism is last-minute. I also prefer to not just pull stuff off of boards without speaking to or emailing with the person who wrote the information. Hence, my query.
My full name is Christine Van Dusen, and you can learn more about me at my web site: Feel free to call the phone number there to verify.
Thanks to those who were willing to help me out on this. I really appreciate it.
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Better get to work on that article, Christine.
You'll have a very long wait, your deadline will be here and you'll lose your job if you just sit and wait for a response from here.

Now get to work!!:bored:

bad company

I don't understand why some of you are giving this lady such a hard time.

Christine, are there any specific questions you may have? I will try to help any way I can, but your post is very vague.

You could write about how the roofs of all the UPS delivery trucks (known by UPSers as "package cars") are white. I think the average person doesn't know that they're white. They are actually made of fiberglass and serve three purposes. It makes the vehicle weight lighter, it reflects sun light to help cool the back of the package car, and lastly it lets in a large amount of natural sun light so the driver can see what the heck he is doing.

You could also incorporate the history of the color of the package cars (Pullman Brown) and its origins.

Despite the efforts of the white roof tops, you could also mention that it can only help so much, especially in the scorching hot summer months. I drive in the Atlanta area and those three record breaking weeks we had last month were absolutely killer.

Just a thought...


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hmmmm...............corporate culture............

How about reading the thread "how has the climate of UPS evolved over the years" or something to that effect. It should give you an idea or two about the "corporate culture"!


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Why not talk to the company since you are right there in Atlanta....

From the UPS Pressroom website,1421,,00.html

"Phone: 404-828-7123 - If you are a reporter on deadline, please call our main PR number. Our reception staff will connect you with the appropriate spokesperson.

Email: Please submit your question through our Reporter Only Contact Form and write the name of your publication in the subject field."


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write an article to board of directors about how they hurt some one who was with ups 24years.fired him for bringing a tape recorder to a,m meeting.the will get no pension.lost everythig he had.send this to the damned board of director's.


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Sometimes time is tight in journalism, and that can't be helped. I'm trying to do my homework -- can you be of help?

This site has all types of people that work for UPS. And some of them do work at Corporate. I hope that one of them will contact you and help. As someone who was born in Atlanta and lived here all my life, I'm aware of the big impact that UPS has had locally. There are two non-profit organizations I have done volunteer work for that have benefited greatly from this company. Good luck with your story, I hope you make your deadline.


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I think we should let her in on the secret retreats management takes us on every year so we can all become one with the brown. :cool: Does anyone have photos of last yrs super expensive bonding exercise management took us on:cool:? She could do a feature on the Love and how weall get along for the greater UPS good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!