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    Mailed my Ballot today, received it yesterday. It's a NO. This is not the Last, Best, and Final Offer. It's Not the Best UPS can do after a Record Breaking Profit Year and Looking at another one. Take care of us without concessions and UPS Employees will continue taking care of UPS.
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    This contract is about taking care of the shareholders and screwing the employees! yes if you want to take care of the NO.....if you want to take care of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ^ I don't get it.
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    SO GO TELL YOUR WIFE!!1....dont tell
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    Arggghhhhh!! Yelling!!!!! Loud noises!!!!! You told people to vote no!! I'm telling on you!!
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    Something that has been weighing on me, which I will be factoring into my vote decision is the absolutely pathetic way ups has treated many of our fellow employees over the last couple of years...and this includes management. I know in some form or another it has always been an interesting place to work but the money ups has wasted to get rid of honest hardworking employees is pitiful. Yeah, let's get rid of a 60 year old who can't go " as fast" as a 25 year old...just plain wrong on so many levels. They have burned many bridges with employees over the last couple of years...even if ups didn't go on this "production push" they would STILL have made huge profits....there's no doubt about it...but I'm sure all of the extra accidents and injuries and added stress was all worth it at the end...right. Please think about this before you vote because it needs to be "factored in" before you reach a decision...thank you.
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    How did they just get rid of a 60 year old? Are you in a weak local?
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    The thing that concerns me most is after I have served my time with UPS. The trend, it seems, with UPS is no matter how well an employee has produced and been an asset to the company, there is no provision that is made to take care of former employees. You served, given your all, been left broken down and ailing and THAT is when they decrease your health benefits. NO for me. Do more for retirees. I still have 15 years and want to have something to look forward to.
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    Its not about the past, current, or future employees. Its all about wall street, its about the shareholders. Just because we made them the money doesnt mean its about us. Were all numbers now and how we perform is all about numbers. There are no morals anymore, this aint the way of Jim Casey, the man who invited the union into a company he created, because he wanted his workers treated fairly. Our world today is so much different then the way it was back then were all numbers now....No longer humans just numbers...Fortuantly we have a union, Its not perfect but we need to quit fighting amongst ourselves and stand up for one another. Dont think about what is going to be the best for you think about what will be good for all. Lets get some of the Union values back lets become Teamsters once again.
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    Not much "to get" I guess. Did you see the part when the driver was all "take care of yourself"? Earlier in the thread, someone advised a "NO" vote to take care of one's self. I was just alluding to that.

    if you watched the video, you might draw the connection that perhaps our man would recommend a "NO" vote.
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    no old men got fired...just using it as an
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