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    Does anyone know which union represents Maintenance Mechanics (physical plant not trucks) in Los Angeles? And does anyone know is there a pay ramp up schedule? Thank You!
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    876? I'm sorry, I was wondering if it is IAM or Teamsters
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    No idea
    But how's things going?
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    alls well. Im actually asking for my husband. We recently relocated from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles. he has past the first written test for the maintenance mechanic position and is now scheduled for the hands on test tomorrow. I'm just trying to find out some information about the job. Hoping he passes!!! My husband is an industrial mechanic known in canada as Millwright. Also does anyone know if there is two year ramp up for pay? I know this is premature, just being hopeful.
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    Thank You! Are the benefits still pretty great. I know its been tough lately, things are eroding.
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    OK, my husband John passed the PE Mechanical written test, and today he passed the inperson/hands on test. He was weak on electric, not surprising, but he's exceptional with mechanics. They said they will hire him for 25 an hour on a temporary basis and at the end of that temporary period, six or eight months, John doesnt remember what they said due to being so nervous at the time, he will retake the electric part of the hands on test . If he passes the electrical he will then be hired full time permanent at the union wage. So John will have to educate himself during the trial period.

    He was offered another option as well. The first option was to come a regular full time PE Maintenance Mechanic for 59 days, then re-test. The managers there said that they have let people go who did not pass the second time. Its too hard to absorb all the info in the 59 days and you can't count on the other mechanics to help you. The second option was to come on as temporary maintenance mechanic for a longer time and then retest. John chose the second option.

    The union is IAM, not teamsters.

    What do you guys think of this? Have we hit the jackpot? We're quite excited. Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Hi, John had the second hands on interview today and found out that the union is IAM and not teamsters.
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    take the 59 days. the other mechanics will help him pass. being in the IAM is good. the pension is way better. if you have any union questions p/m me I'm a 27 year steward for the IAM...
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    He took the longer trial period. He was on the spot and had to make a decision immediately The managers said they'd had to let people go after the 59 days who didn't pass. I wish my husband could remember exactly how long that trial period is, maybe six months? He'll find out on Monday. Also We have a five year old so health insurance is a big deal for us. How is the health insurance? I mean, once you have it. I believe you have to be there a year before you get health insurance? Sorry that the Obama health care effected UPS benefits in a bad way, or so I've heard. But I'm glad that the Obama healthcare is there or we'd have no insurance the first year hes working.
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    Obamacare has had zero effect on our benefits.
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    I am talking about the union hourlies.

    The cuts you mentioned were for those mgt personnel with working spouses who had coverage through their employer. I have to think that this was going to happen regardless of whether Obamacare became law or not.
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    Can working spouses of union hourlies still be on the health insurance? Believe me, I'm a huge fan of Obamacare. But whenever I say that seems like someone jumps down my throat, specifically because Obamacare is sited as a reason (true or false) for some people having their plans reduced or cancelled.
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    As I said earlier, Obamacare did not affect our coverage.
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    Hello There
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