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    Don't you just love managements comments. I go out today, first stop, take a tumble and hurt my ankle. I suck it up and continue on continueing on. I get hold of the driver in the loop next to me and give her my ressies at about 3 in the afternoon, then head into the barn as I can't take the pain any longer. Get into the barn, inform management that I'm heading for xrays and the response wasn't, wow thaks for getting done what you did, it wasn't , how's the ankle, no i was, OH GEAT HOW MANY SERVICE FAILURES DO I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TOO!!! Tell me again about the careing attitude of management, I love a good fairy tale.
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    It seems obvious that the supe really cared about service failures.
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    Wade workes in the center I was in.
    I know.
    I got a really good dog bite on my last day, bitemarks, black and blue...
    Showed it to Sup, all he done was made fun about it.... then said . ok, now not joking... when was my last Tetanus shot.

    All I wanted to do was tell him, I spent an extra 5 -10 minutes caring for myself, with the first aid kit.
    Just incase it would show up as lost time.

    But, all I got was a stupid remark.

    Anyways, we all know how that day ended.

    You guys (in US) have it great, I think , compared to us.

    The problem is now, they'll have a pcm about him, and how to avoid such an injury, and basically blame it on him.

    The most rediculous pcm we had was : "how to avoid being hit while parked".
    We all know the 4 ways, ofcourse. And to park safely.... what else can you do ?
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    Wade, no where in your post do you say that you called your center when you got injured. That is one of the first things that you should have done. You then took it upon yourself to dispatch your remaining stops and then come off the road to punch out and seek medical attention. (BTW, we are not farmers so we do not work in "barns") This would never fly in my center and, I dare say, most any center here in the States. We are instructed to call if we get injured and they will then make the decision as to whether you need to stay out there or if they will send you help and/or pull you off the road.
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    That's a no brainer, ofcourse he called.
    You don't know our center !
    And, thats how the other person knew how to meet up with him.
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    90% of what comes out of managements mout is unnecessary.

    At least they are easy to manipulate. Tell them exactly what you want and they will give you the opposite.
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    I don't know why the other person bothered posting when you have all the information.

    So the guy twists his ankle and calls the center you're saying?
    The center then made arrangements for the other driver to take all the remaining packages off our injured driver?
    Our injured driver then returns to the building and recieves a "great how many service failures do I have" response which would seem to indicate the sup was surprised to hear about the injury?

    You're right I don't know your center but something dont add up. Perhaps the real injured driver can answer the questions instead of his all knowing friend?
  8. klein

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    Sorry, I am NOT aware, that UPS sups or management add up commen sense. Usually, they only add up numbers !
    And he should be online today soon, since I assume he's not working for a few days or weeks.
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    I agree with the first part but disagree about "them making the decision". If yuo are injured, you are injured, and the company cannot force anyone to stay out there, end of story.
  10. tieguy

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    "They will make the decision???"

    I think I will decide if I want to continue on with a sprained ankle...
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    How is this any different from an hourly laughing about taking time for sitting down to write letters to the senate about something that directly effects their job. Can't see the forest throught the trees.
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    Just putting this out for giggles. Could Wade be a troll? How many of us drivers ever headed back to the barn...I always headed back to the center!
  14. klein

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    In all of his defence, he is not a troll ! Actually a shopsteward.
    Don't know how many years he has, but must be around 10.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Both of you are right and I should have clarified what I was trying to say. Depending upon the severity of the sprain, the on car may ask if you feel that you can sit in the jump seat and give directions while he drives and delivers or ask if you feel that you need to seek treatment right away. We all know that there are sprains that you can walk off and there are sprains that need to be treated.
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    You mean all the "trees" of wasted paper, right?

    I'm not a Dr, but to me, a sprain is a sprain, and at the minimum calls for rest and ice.
  17. UnsurePost

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    That is true. There are ankle twists that a half hour or hour it is OK to go and finish the day. In no way is it ok for the management person to play doctor, which is what I thought you were going for. We all know the sups and managers love trying to play that role (hey take 3 asprin youll feel fine)
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    Steve's not a doctor, but he did stay at a Holliday Inn Express last night.
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    I`m sure Wade is happy you called him out by name! And about Canada........