Management Conference


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Does anyone know when this years management conference is being held? Usually if there are going to be any big changes that affect us all, they usually get presented at the conference and then all the powers to be get together for a big local pow-wow.
This could also be a good source for rumors!:wink:


I don't think I want to know what they have in store for us....because lets face it, when is the last time a big decision by the company's big whigs (not center management) helped us?

some might say

PAS ::crickets chirping::
I'm sure it assists someone, but we're not sure who at this point, but at some point it will indeed be helpful

valuable tool for getting accurate stop/piece counts or instrument for cutting routes (Eliminate Drivers Daily)

Package cars finally passing the Amish in automotive tech.
automatics, power steering, disc brakes, air cond...(hahaha gotcha) watch out Mercedes....wait isn't the sprinter a Mercedes (daimler-benz)? :ohmy:, oh wait this is per contract my bad.

well from what i hear from friends at work and posters here...we should have stayed private

while admittedly an amazing technical marvel (aside from the #@$!ing shift key)....apparently innovation came at the expense of battery life

It just seems to me that I can't think of one thing they've done that helps me. They gave me PAS and my misloads went up, by that I mean I actually have them now, whereas before they were few and far between. I am a preloader so that is pretty much the only thing that helps me, well other than the package car stuff but realistically that's only a saturday shift for me anyway.

Any time a new decision comes they hammer us with cut start times, needing to load at 300pph and be done at 3.5...safely please. :thumbup1: