Management Early retirement option coming in January

Discussion in 'UPS Retirement Topics' started by sosocal, Nov 3, 2009.

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    ...thats what I heard anyway....:devil3:
  2. I retired years ago. Now i just sit here in the Hodgkins CACH hub and answer the phone.
    There's this one guy that keeps coming around though, asking me what I'm doing.
    I always respond with: "Nothing; just sitting here pretending to not know how to type, taking a smoke every 20 minutes and collecting $25.00 an hour. What do you do"?
    He always says the same thing: "I am also a Hodgskins CACH Admin guy making $25.00 an hour and I'm concerned they may get rid of one of us and I'm hoping to establish that it needs to be you versus me based on BC posts".
    I usually blink a few times and then ask: "Are you OK? Your face is all red, you're emitting gas and your mouth is foaming". He goes away at this point and then comes back the next day in the same clothing.

    It's kinda' weird.
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    I heard that as a result of projected loss of marketshare,huge management reductions are on the way along with a EBO to offset the reductions.We are at the point where our cost to serve is much higher then FedEx. That,along with the FedEx Smartpost are putting a hurt on the company. It is going to be very interesting.
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    Tell em to hold off I need another year to be eligible.:happy-very:
  5. You "heard"? Where?
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    I hope they start with my last 2 dispatchers and a previous center manager...They are "deadwood walking"!!

    BSUUPS New Member

    ....and what exactly is the "eligible age" you are refering to?

    BSUUPS New Member

    ....and what are the details...... affilliated with the age requirement?


    Who ARE you??
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    Smart Post is kicking ass
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    heard the same, sometime in the first quarter
  12. Really just a friendly Airline guy
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    Airline at CACH?
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    exactly a year more then I have.
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    I'll only entertain the thought of this coming to fruition if Pretzelman confirms it! But, he hasn't denied it either?

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    I believe it is 55. Correct me if I`m wrong Tie. Hope you`re feeling better!:happy2:
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    Isn't 55 the regular retirement age for Mgmnt. to qualify for benefits. I would think an early retirement option would be less. I say make em stay. Why should "the partners" be allowed to jump ship.
  18. Monkey Butt

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    1) We're not partners anymore
    2) If you're not humping packages, you're just along for the ride.
    3) We're all idiots anyway.
    4) I.E. said so.

    65 is is the normal retirement age ... 60 if you have 35 years of service.
    There is a penalty if you retire early of 3% per year.
    So 30% penalty off the monthly payment if you have less than 35 years.
    15% if you have 35 years or more.
    That is why so many people are staying after they reach 55.
    If the company imposes a penalty, they must not want you to do it ... seems to be working.
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    Sorry, you must have missed the memo. The partnership is, and has been, dead. "The partners" are being screwed more than the labor the last couple years. I assure you that your full time supervisor, his boss, and his boss, are all little more than employees in a giant militant machine.

    The "partnership" is now restricted to LTIP members and above.

    We should buy out the MIP guys because we have too many already. The alternative is to start layoffs - in which case the people who can leave (the good ones) will leave as well.

    Would you rather let the old guys who are coasting anyway retire early, or do mass layoffs (likely based on years of service, not skill or knowledge) and kill what little is left of motivation for the remaining good employees? One makes sense, the other is what UPS tends to do.

    Maybe, just maybe, UPS will choose the better of the two this time around. I'm not holding my breath for this to happen though. I expect more blanket layoffs starting right after peak is over.
  20. Monkey Butt

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    Meet management's version of 705red. LOL

    JK - not sure which one I insulted.