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    This year it appears management in my area on average is working less hours than any other year I can recall - significantly less than say 10 years ago. TI see it at all levels from ops manager down. It seems as if the badge of working long hours is no longer valued or respected. Funny thing, the packages are still getting delivered. There have been several discussions on why management doesn't work as long as previous years and eras at UPS primarily focusing on the give/receive proposition of the current job...I would add that some of it is simply generational as we move from baby boomers to generation X'ers and Millennials.
    Are you seeing the same pattern? if so, to what degree? An informal survey and observation would put operations management weekly hours at 44 in my area.
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    I've cut back on hours myself. I figure that the company is basing salary on industry average. I'll give industry average hours. I've seen lots of div mgr level folks reducing hours too.
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    Not the case if you work a preload or delivery center or a twilight hub operation in a 25 k or larger building.
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    Not the case in a small building, I average 12 hours a day. Each time a part time sup or Oms quits the work is handed out the the remaining people. Here you can't use a d- day if someone is on vacation, not enough staffing. If you really happen to get sick and call off, you get brought in to work Sat as you really didn't work the whole week. I would love to leave but have a little over two years left, then I'm running for the door.
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    I use to feel like you do now. I can't work less hours since there's so much to do. However, although your mgr maybe pushing you to do this, it's you who is accepting the work and it's you that you need to blame. They can't say a mgmt person has to work 60 hours per week. If they do say it, get them to put it in writing. (They never will). Granted, I'm assuming that you are working hard and diligently when you are there. Only you can get your hours back to a reasonable level.
  7. When I was assigned to the hub I tried to keep my hours to 45/week. But I couldn't bring myself to extend my hours no matter who I was working for!
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    45 hrs a week? let me see, monday 14 hrs, tuesday 11.5 today 13 hrs. that makes 38,5 hrs in 3 days this week. so it will be 60 this week, I've had weeks when I was working 65 hrs in 5 days and one week 75 hrs in 6 days. We have 90 drivers in our center and volume around 19000. I am on car sup.
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    Have seen absolutely no decrease in hours whatsoever......
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    LOL. Well put. I say what you put in is proportional to what you get back, and since all UPS does is take from management, 35-40 suits me just fine. I love how UPS thinks people are lining up to work at the company. After this final generation retires, UPS will be no more than a pass through for college grads to more meaningful, well paying and gratifying jobs...... elsewhere.
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    ​Apparently that is the strategy ... I really think that is what is desired.
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    With all of the technology and oversight at both the hourly and management level is there really a need for career UPSers anymore?
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    ​Only for the ones with the authority to make that decision.
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    I can forsee the day where the job of Center Manager gets outsourced to a call center in India. Our PCM's will be done via teleconferencing, and some guy named Patel will make $2 an hour to chew my ass for being overallowed and failing to generate an 85% ORION compliance metric. He wont have a clue about how to do my job or even pronounce my name correctly, but that wont stop him from spewing out a blizzard of warning letters each week in order to meet his quota.
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    Don't give them any ideas.
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    I dont know about mgmt in any other areas, but my on road gets comp time over 8 hrs. And his day starts when he wakes up,not when he arrives at work. This includes lunch because he could be POTENTIALLY working.
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    LOL - right!
    ​or should I say, "That's a riot!"
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    Management is little more than a trained monkey now. Little need to do much other than keep a seat warm in case something unexpected happens or if they get a call from the overlords in Atlanta.
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    Hmmmm ... so they've turned them into unskilled, driver-like workers?

    Could be.
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    The ideal hourly employee would be a trained monkey, I agree. Or possibly a robot to eliminate any need for bathroom breaks. A trained monkey hourly might just throw their waste at management.