Management Integrity and Etiquette Toward Others

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by writer, Jun 2, 2008.

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    We have a preload Manager in for almost a year now. He acts as if everyone is stupid but him. Calls hourlies pieces of POS and stupid, hollers on the radio to get the loaders off the clock (to make numbers), calls other part time sups pieces of POS in front of others when s/he isn't around, etc. Some of us are getting tired of it.

    This morning he thought I was late, I wasn't, just hadn't made it into our meeting exactly on the minute. My friend told me he called me a POS thinking I was late. Always ragging on the belts, and on and on. It is killing morale.

    He truly does not care what others think about him so he says anything he wants.

    Any ideas? Doesn't seem there is a lot to do about it.
  2. freeloader

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    You work for a company where everything is the color brown. Do you truly expect anything less? Seriously though, grow some thick skin, do your job and ignore him. Talk is cheap - don't give him the satisfaction of knowing he is getting to you.

    If you all really are POS then what's that make him? The grand turdmaster POS.
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    I do have thick skin, been through enough in life not to. But when loaders and drivers hear him on the radio? Geez. I don't know how UPS preaches what it does and has management like this.
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    No worries, he won't be around much longer. His promotion should be due any day now. The number of grievances rendered upon a manger is like letters of recommendations of advancement.:wink2: Go figure. For the time being, stay under the radar and engage stealth mode. Karma will prevail and nip him in the butt.
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    Who cares? Ignore it. The guy/gal obviously is not a nice person and will never be. managers come and go just like new-hires. Soon they'll be gone.
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    Writer- A few pieces of advice:

    Never take anything personal. You aren't paid to care what they think about you.
    Work as directed and work at a safe pace.

    Do your job..go home and enjoy your day :)
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    I realize this, but he talks about our employees, too. Thing is he threatens us constantly, none of which has ever happened. Switching sups to different belts, etc. He will mention things in a group setting then put in our employee records that we can view in the system that we were talked with about certain issues. Oh, well. THAT does have a bearing on our jobs.
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    you have options.

    talk to his boss

    talk to HR

    call the 1-800 number.

    you do not , do not have to take being called a POS from management.
  9. over9five

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    From the UPS code of Business Conduct:

    " Prohibited harassment includes conduct that is intended to interfere or that has the effect of unreasonably interfering with a fellow employee's work performance or creating an environment that is intimidating, hostile, or offensive to the individual."


    " All employees are expected to comply with the UPS Code of Business Conduct, which is essential to maintaining our reputation for honesty, quality, and integrity. It is also each employee's responsibility to report to the company any situation where our standards or the laws are being violated."

    The UPS Code of Business Conduct may be viewed by anyone at
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    Some people do not have a good way of dealing with stress and vent on bystanders. This is unexceptable behavior and should be reported. I never take things personal especially things like this. I feel sorry that they have that much emotional baggage.....But we all must learn to act in a manner in which we would like to be treated.....
  11. writer

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    This is interesting. I couldn't care less what he says about me, he wouldn't do it to my face. LOL But when some things are broadcast on our radios? Hmmm...
  12. drewed

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    Yea they shouldnt be doing it at all let alone on the radios, thats a pet peeve of my manager, discipline or exployee discussions shouldnt be on the radios for 2 reasons other employees hear it and it breaks down moral and the 2nd is they are public broadcast channels the FCC as well as anyone with 2 cents about radio know how can listen in.
  13. Thats something we're encountering as well. It got better for a while, but its happening again. I was asked why I turned my radio off one day and it was because I was embarrassed to be grouped into the same league (by job classification anyway) as those spewing instant morale breakers over the radio.

    I don't know if some people realize but EVERYONE can hear those radios if all the supes have them on and I think thats something that really needs to be in the training. I don't demean anyone period but if I have to speak to someone or have a pointed conversation then I do it in person, not over the squawk box.
  14. BrownSuit

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    As was mentioned earlier, it is clearly outlined in the Code of Conduct that this is unacceptable behavior.

    If you are a Union Employee, file a grievance against him for harassment. Also contact his boss, the ERM, HR, or the 800 number as outlined earlier. I would do it in that order.

    In addition to the Code of Conduct, be sure to mention Policy Book Readings known as
    "We Maintain a Spirit of Teamwork." - You mentioned the low morale
    "We Help People to Develop Themselves." - People have to be treated wiht respect to be able to develop.
    "We Have Meaningful Discussions With Our People." - One has to first start a meaningful discussion
    "We Respect Each Employee's Point of View." - While it is possible to respect one's point of view while deriding them, it is doubtful
    "We Address Each Other on a First-Name Basis." - Referring to them as Feces does not qualify

    If your higher ups (no pun intended) are CORE, they will listen to this as long as it is presented with the right spirit.

    As for the Radios . . . If your Radios are what I'm thinking they are, it is in violation of FCC Regulations to use any type of profanity on them if the Radio can be picked up at a set distance away (not sure what that distance is, but want to say 2 miles, which most Radios are).
  15. helenofcalifornia

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    What kind of radios?
  16. writer

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    No union for me, part time supervisor. I like your posting here, thanks
  17. Accoring to management we are all POS. Its nothing new.
  18. writer

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    Since that is true, then they were all POS at one time. So now they are older and more seasoned POS? LOL
  19. over9five

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    Re: We're all POS?

    Thankfully, I can strongly disagree with that. In all my years I have had only one center manager who probably thought that way, and it was a long time ago.
  20. 1989

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    Suggest to his higher up that this person may need to take his people/labor class over again.