Management Pay Changes?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by yankswinagain, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Rumor floating around Mahwah that some PTers got a letter referencing a change in management pay.

    1. Change to Weekly from Monthly.
    2. 1/2 Month being applied in equal installments throughout the year (getting taxed at regular rate as opposed to "bonus" rate)

    Seems to be a lose-lose for UPS from a cost perspective.

    Any of you Ramsey Payroll folks know about this?
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    That's Atlanta we say "Wait until 1995".
    I'm not going to talk about how my swin is doing!
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    and if we do it doesn not mean we will be give you this info - you swin ( this year or next year, i guess your are Obama supporter)
  6. When the Babe gets back, everything will be OK with the Yanks. He's bettter than Big Papi and Beaverface put together.

    Go UPS!
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    Specialists, which are hourly management positions like Campus support (internal TSG equivalent) will be paid weekly instead of biweekly with the latest changes; not monthly. The rest of management is paid monthly; no changes here except for those that have been around a long time and are getting options are being slimmed down. Heard they advised some groups of a 30% cut in staff with consultants already having been told and PT eliminated. UPS does not admit to layoffs and upper management states it’s never happened, but regardless of what is said, it happens continuously since going public as it’s usually good for the stock price.