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  1. Now that the Teamster contract is a done deal what is going to happen to the mangements benefits, pensions etc ?......I heard that it will be raised up to the level of the machinists/mechanics .....
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    While I'd like to see this happen (especially since the stock no longer compensates for the ridiculously low Mgmt pension) I don't think that they're just gonna throw more money at Mgmt. The only thing that might drive this is the inability to get any hourly to enter the Mgmt ranks anymore. We can't get any drivers to be on car sup's here so unless the pot gets sweetened somewhere I don't know how they're gonna get any front line sup's in the future.
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    :ohmy:Hey trainee....I doubt very seriosly if the mangement pension will ever reach what the mechanics get. The good thing about the mechanics pension is when UPS raises what they pay toward the pension contribution as per the contract the benefit amount goes up. So every time UPS starts paying more per hour to the various pension funds,which is usually every Aug 1st, as per contract, the machinists mechanics, when they retire, will get a bigger monthly check. GOD BLESS the IAM Pension fund!:thumbup1:
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    :confused:1 First off the contract is not a done deal, we the members still have to vote on it. There is always a possibility it could get voted down.
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    I heard part time management will get more NOTHING
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    Right you are...
    I think the original poster was saying that when the Teamster contract was a done deal he'd like to see Mgmt pensions addressed.