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  1. username3

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    How often and under what circumstance can a management employee become an hourly employee?
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    Often? How about when my Keno numbers of ********** come in? Under what circumstances? How about when my tractor gets washed?

    Next question.

    How often my answers are sarcastic? be the judge.
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    It is my understanding that a part time management person, such as a part time supervisor, could put in for a full time hourly position, such as driver. The rules vary according to local contract supplements, but I believe UPS is allowed to hire such part time management into driver ranks at something like an average of a 6 to 1 ratio. In other words, for every 6 part time hourly people hired to fill a full time position, 1 part time management person can be hired into one of these positions.

    As far as I know, there is no path for full time management people to go to hourly. Things may have changed, but I know for me when I became a full time supervisor I was told point blank, while part time folks can go driving and if it does not work out, they can go back to part time, once you step up to full time management the only step back is off the cliff...
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    Interesting....I wonder if that holds true for a specialist, or just full-time supervisor and above.
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    Specialists are not eligiable either
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    I believe the rules have changed that once you go management you can't go back to the union.
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    I heard that if you go the route of basically quitting and getting re-hired as say an "off the street" hire. You would give up your original start date, and have a new seniority date. Also giving up any time off that had been accrued from years of service. I thought anyone could do it as long as they hadn't reached full-time supervision.
  8. UPSGUY72

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    Yes if your quit and try to get hired as a hour union person you will start at the bottom IT YOUR GET HIRED.

    A few years back they had different rules they have changed them.
  9. dannyboy

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    you are not listening. it was plainly stated that part time sups could go into driving on a 6 for one ratio, here it is 5 to 1.

    what that does mean is that if you fail as a driver, you are out of ups. you are treated as a new hire, your seniority dates only count towards retirement and seniority if you make it. if you dont, you are out on the street.

    most part time sups were part time hourly first.

    once you have gone full time management, you would have to quit and try to get back in part time first. or take your chance getting hired off the street for a full time job, which here has not happened since 79.

  10. username3

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    I am listening...intently. I understand that a person would have to be re-hired, but I was asking if that was possible. If the feeder dept is getting ready to add drivers, possibly off the street, and a management person has a CDL and is qualified, can they quit and be rehired?
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    Not sure about there, but here there are only 2 paths into feeder. FT pc driver covers backup and then takes over when a spot opens up or PT covers backup feeder and becomes FT feeder when a spot opens up. Doubt a mgmt/off street can bid one of those jobs over the current backups. First you would have to acquire an hourly PT or FT pc driver position and then become backup to even be considered, here at least.
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    I have been with UPS for 16 years have been a steward for 10 years. I have been saying "you pay dues go to your hall get the contract and read the contract and ask if you don't understand something and ever take stock in what management says". Dannyboy is right it is a 6 to 1.
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  13. dannyboy

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    the scenario you post has a lot of super big words in it that make giving you a good answer impossible.

    if, possibly, and then the biggie, quit and be rehired.

    lets take them one at a time.

    if is kinda like starting a story with once upon a time. i would not want to base my life earnings on an if.

    then you add the issue of ability to hire outside people in. At our center, its been since the 70's since any person has been hired from outside ups for any full time position. and that person is set to retire next year or maybe the one after. so that should give you an indication as to how good your chances actually are.

    i also realize that different areas have different contracts, and a different supply line of employees for feeders. so your situation may vary.

    then we take possibly. i dont feel comfortable with hanging on to a possibility that does not have good chances for success. it sounds like to me you are telling us that if the moon, saturn and uranus all line up on the 20th of jan, 2011, then you should be able to get a feeder job. combined with if, i dont like the odds.

    then we come to the real kicker. can they quit and be rehired? let me see, you want to go hourly after being in management full time? and you think that they will put on your separation papers, eligible for rehire? what makes you sure that they will, beside some management guy saying so?

    secondly to consider, once you have been full time, ups does not want you to go hourly. you know too much for your own good, and the last place they want you is an hourly.

    they like the one way street of hourly, stewards and ba's that they recruit into management, why would they even consider taking one of their own, and allow the possibility of you becoming the hourly, steward or business agent?

    so this one would really be the kicker. while in theory, there should be no problem of you quiting and getting rehired off the street as a feeder driver, i think in reality your chances of winning the lottery are better.

  14. Baba gounj

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    that idea is a reality only at USPS.
  15. sortAISLErules

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    Only once in my center. A part-time sup was given a six month leave of absence to care for a terminally ill parent w/cancer. After six months, she asked for another leave of absence-her request was rejected and subsequently she resigned her position. A year and a half later, she asked management if she could return but only as an hourly employee because she needed the flexibility to care for her remaining parent. They rehired her as an hourly (unionized) employee.

    She is a good person, hardworker and fair. I'm glad they let her back. Others have tried and have been flat out rejected.
  16. rod

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    Another one has seen the writing on the wall:wink2:
  17. username3

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    I'm not talking about quitting and hoping to be re-hired. I'm talking an arrangement. Where the 6 to 1 has come up and the company is ready to hire off the street, only instead of actually hiring off the street they hire a management person. The person who on Friday quits, knowing full well that Monday is the first day of their new career as a feeder driver. Get it?
  19. dilligaf

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    I have only heard of one instance where a PT Sup when into hourly. He drove for quite a few years, something like 10 yrs and then went back to PT Sup. He was a sup of mine.
  20. Brown287

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    It is amazing how many management people I have known over the years that would almost do anything to go back to being an hourly employee. I know there are those of them that have gone into management and have flourished but that is not always the case. In a perfect world there would be a trial period for management, but I'm afraid that at the end of the 30 days most would probably exit stage left. Any how as far as the question I have known only one person that went from being a part-time sup. to being a driver. Funny thing is that after 2 years of driving he went into full-time management. Apparently that was his plan all along.