Management won't write up an incident report

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    On Monday, I had some pain while working but nothing whhich I couldn't work through. Just felt like normal stuff. When I left work and got home, the pain was tremendously bad. I could barely lift my shoulder. I went to work the next day and explained I couldn't work and that I would need to go to the DR. I wanted an incident report for my insurance but they are refusing to give me one because they think I hurt it "at the gym" and "outside of work".

    What steps should I be taking now?
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    Unless you are able to provide them with a specific time & incident for an injury you may be on your own. In the future, notify a sup as soon as you think you may be injured even if you continue to work so that it's documented. ie I slammed my fingers in the bulkhead door, thought I may have fractured something but felt like I could suck it up & finish the day. I was fortunate & they were just bruised bad but I did notify my center manager as soon as it happened (I was still sobbing in pain). If I ever decide I need tx later & they give me crap about it I'll start going to their doc for every bruise.
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    Lawyer!!!!!!!!! Lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!! And did I mentiin Lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!! They did the same thing to me with my back. They denied my claim saying it was preexisting. I sat in a recliner for three months while my wife had to help me get up and down. Not to mention I received no pay. I tried to report my injury 3 times to no avail. If you have a family and love them hire an attorney today. Dont take the approach that so many others do by thinking ups will take care of you. Unless your just ritch and have money to burn. Dont think you know the law, you can get one word out of order and screw the whole thing up. Get a lawyer today!!!!!!!!!
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    I know state worker comps law vary. But here you have x amount of days to report the injury. Im not saying its a good idea to wait but everytime I had a little ache I would have been calling something in everyday. Sounds like he tried to report it and they denied him the right.
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    One more thing, be sure and document names, times, and any witnesses you have when you tried to report this. Take a steward with you and have him ddocument it as well.
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    You should have said something Monday before you left. Not the beginning of Tuesdays Shift. As far as they know you where fine when you left Monday but first thing Tuesday you have a problem. You left 20 hrs for something to happen.
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    Hubrat is right. You always report it. If you want to gamble and not tell management because you think you will be ok. And if it's not. Then go in the next day and put some dirt on it and say you did it on the road. I know some guys that have done that. It's wrong but the company puts us in theses positions. The management has 24 hours to report the injury but the company puts pressure on lower management to call it in as soon as possible.
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    You are all right, but they try to slam us so bad if we report an injury. They have umpteen reports, have to reenact the injury, blah blah blah. Its work for them. Who cares. They will beat you down, be :censored2: off, but its better than sitting in a recliner for 3 months with no pay. You use to be able to say, it hurts real bad, but Ill probably be ok, and then if its not, when in most cases it is, you file a report. They want to be anal now, we have to be also, its their game. Fear and intimidation because you are a human, not a machine.
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    They also pay bear costs and that affects their bonus.

    If you hurt yourself, let your sup know. Tell 2 sups or have a witness or tell your center manager too. If you think you're ok, you probably are but you're doing them & yourself a huge favor. If they threaten you or push it, go to the doc & let them finish the route. Better safe than sorry. If they get really rude call in every single bruise.
  10. UnsurePost

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    My advice: Seek help from the Teamsters/steward/BA. Let them know that UPS is refusing reporting the injury. If that does not work to your satisfaction, best bet would probably be to retain attorney and file with DOL
  11. bleedinbrown58

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    Exactly....once you clock out and leave without reporting, they can claim it could have happened off the clock.
  12. UnsurePost

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    It does not matter what UPS claims, legally they must report the injury. I totally understand UPS's position but it's SOP for UPS to deny everything, and the courts look at that too.
  13. iruhnman630

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    Todays lesson: Report every injury, no matter how small.

    Sure, ten years from now when you have another injury they might haul the record out and ask what your problem is (like they did to me) but who cares.

    It's the 'little' injuries that scare me the most.

    I tend to not think twice about that twinge of pain I just felt, then wake up the next day wondering why that spot is all swelled up and sore. I got a forearm strain a few years ago, I think from moving packages on a top shelf. Reported it 2 days later. Fortunately it was nothing week working with a forearm brace and it healed right up. But reporting it was no fun.
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    If UPS does file, they will ask/encourage you to see the company doctor. Bring your lawyer to the doctor office with you. Some of the drivers hurt their back, and the company Doc will say it's only strain. One/two months later the drivers discover it's not a strain, disc is bulging. Get that doctor for medical malpractice.
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    If you are hurt, your only obligation is to tell your employer. What they do with it is on them. Go to the doctor, tell them it was on the job. Give them a copy of the L & I paperwork the next day. Ups policy is not state policy. Some states say you have up to a year to claim it, and 2 years to claim an occupational injury once you are diagnosed.
  16. Plunder

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    Hey I got a quick question while on this topic. If I have been emailing my doctor for the last 3-4 years about pains in my shoulder after work, is that considered documented?