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    What are some management positions that do not require you to work at night and that is full time?

  2. Day Hub Management, but seriously, if you are in management, particularly in operations, be prepared to work anytime, weekends included. It won't be an 8 hr day (or night) either...12 hrs is not uncommon. Be prepared to go where ever the needs are. I worked all different shifts, hub, center, preload (what fun getting up at midnight!)
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    Sups at my center only work from 6:30am-8:00pm

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    they all do
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    a company that dose not have u.p.s in it
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    What is management?
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    you must not work for this company ? or your one more exzample of a one man have no one to ask you dont see the hours managment work
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    S/he didn't ask about sups, S/he asked about management.

    Even you got hired on as a "daytime" management you should be more than will to relocate and be very flexible with your hours if you plan on any advancement whatsoever. If you turn any move down, even a lateral move, it will be a long time, if ever, that you are asked again. Then "Welcome to Stuckville"
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    Hard to believe how many people buy into some of this stuff.