Manager Promotions SPR/Buyout???

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Six Sides, May 21, 2010.

  1. Six Sides

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    April was the month many of our people left the company via the SPR/Buyout. The beginning of May many of our management people were reassigned to fill positions in the transition process. Unfortunately some of our management and admins left the company via separation packages, not a buyout. This week it was announced that several supervisors in my district were being promoted to managers.
    Did I miss something! I thought the idea was to reduce managers from the center manager level up.
  2. Brownup'78

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    What???:surprised: If this is true then I am completely perplexed.
  3. pretzel_man

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    As far as I know, (for management at least) none of the seperations were forced. There were forced reassignments and forced demotions.

    I do not think we will see any forced seperations.

  4. Brownup'78

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    Why would there be promotions from supervisor to manager? I thought the idea was to reduce managers from the center manager level up??
  5. pretzel_man

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    There have been both promotions and demotions. They determined the number of positions needed first and where the positions were.

    They then started filling slots.

    For instance, say a center manager position is needed in North Carolina. There may be a TSG manager available. That person may get demoted if he / she is not capable (or willing) to take the center manager position. A supervisor who is local may now be the best fit.

    Many people did not want the lateral to a different role in the company or they didn't want to move to a new location.

    Rumor is that all these "hopscotch" moves and decisions is why things are taking so long.

    As I said, my bet is there won't be forced seperations (or very few)

  6. RoyalFlush

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    The key word in the process is "Positions." There have been a lot of positions eliminated, especially in non-operations positions. As far as I am aware, all of these people were offered another position. Those leaving decided not to take the position offered. Technically, they were not forced, but many were offered jobs that they didn't want. In the end there will be 1800 less positions, mostly manager and above. Where there is a shortage, based on the plan, there may be promotions. It's pretty clear that the pre-determined staffing plan is going to be implemented as stated.
  7. tieguy

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    Depends on how you define forced. I know there were managers and divison managers that left the company because they either did not like the offer, the possible offer or the direction the company was headed in with this move. One divison manager I know of took the SAP offer because he knew there would be less money on the table if he seperated after learning what his new job would be. A difference of one year SAP to two months SAP.

    I'm assuming you were not referring to the specialists being seperated in this next wave. we'll hear about them in a week. Maybe a few can share their thoughts with us here. Admins are also being forced to seperate.
  8. Six Sides

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    Instead of forced, how about mislead. The 55+ center managers are told if they do not take the SPR their future and career is unknown, with a possible demotion, or a separation package of lesser value. So they take it, and within weeks they are replaced with a supervisor being promoted into their job. What does one tell this manager?
  9. tieguy

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    very possible . I also heard of divison managers who did not take the sap offer and were then given an extra weekend to reconsider the offer. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. Lot of movement here all at once with lots of new faces in new places. There is a learning curve when you move that many people. Will the newly promoted managers get the time and support to learn their jobs. How will the demoted divison managers and managers now perform in their new jobs. How will those who work staff jobs their whole careers do in front line positions. I sat on a district conference call this week. It should have been a quick hitter reviewing where everyone stood in comparison to the plan and reviewing up coming strategy plans. Instead it evolved into a discusion on whether hours were being accounted properly with the new structure and then a discussion on how local procedures would now be handled since different districts did things differently.
  10. satellitedriver

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    This sentence speaks volumes on the " new direction".
    Personally, I think you should have used the word devolved instead of evolved.
  11. Dragon

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    Well, I am now on special assignment to a different division until all this plays out and they figure out how to fill the holes (two managers are retiring in a couple of weeks and one is out for medical. I have a feeling some supervisors are going to get promoted, hope they are "ready now".
  12. Brownup'78

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    With all the managers in "pool", There is a need to promote a supervisor? Well how will work on the mind set managers given an extra weekend to reconsider the offer?
  13. tieguy

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    I think the pool is now empty. Not all managers have left as dragon points out. those that took the offer and turn 55 sometime this year cant leave until their 55th birthday.
  14. Highwayman

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    I noticed there is a lot of wait and see going on in my district.
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    All I know is that the head of the South Atlantic District likes bulletin boards. We have a large MOBILE frame with 6 boards on one side, and get in the club, and those not in the club, yadda, yadda, yadda. But our sales lead area has not done a thing since they hung the 36" flat screen tv on the wall. Go figure......
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    Dow loves his SSPVE