managers/supervisors dating clerks

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by unhappyupser, Oct 10, 2011.

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    How many of ya'll know of managers or supervisors being involved in inappropriate relationships with their clerks?
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    Are you going to post this in every section of this website, troll?
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    This has been going on at my terminal for 4 years, everyone knew and no one cared...until we got a shady new employee. Called HR and told they were engaged and living together. They had a surprise visit from HR one morning. No one got fired, just had to sign a few things.
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    Oh yeah. How about a married supervisor that got a clerk pregnant? It's kinda like the catholic dioceese around here. A supervisor gets in hotwater and they ship them to another terminal for a few months, or longer. My question, is the unprofessionalism systemwide? Is the sexual harrasment going to stop. Everyone talks about " When UPS takes over...". Everyday we sink to new lows.
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    my father told me if you like your job stay away from the women at work . thanks pops !
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    Not that I have seen at my terminal, but Im a driver and I dated a clerk. Nobody said anything to us.
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    there is a couple that are dating in the Warwick RI center not sure if anyone knows them but
    JC and CH have been dating for a little while now and its not right
    but what can you do about it nothing really not when one has friends that watch out for each other
    but decide to screw everyone else around them
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    ​You can't post peoples names.
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    Meanwhile- back in the desert the Arabs were eating their dates.
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    Moreluck would like to know if she can reference this in the "Religion of peace..." thread.
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    That is wrong and I think it is against UPS policy and should lead to automatic termination. The catch is... you need to get proof of the relationship, body language isn't enough! Yes...I have seen it as well!