Managment offered me a BRIBE today to withdraw grievance Preload????

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  1. Ok, I dont know if anyone reading this is familiar with my constant harrassment battle with my FT manager but many posts have been made and i thank everyone who has responded but today takes the cake...heres how it goes:

    On tuesday i was bumped from my normal preload position due to a driver (coming into the preload) pulling the senority card on me. I was on new trucks and wanted to make sure that i did a good job and not have any misloads because i am a steward and i know SUPS are out to get me anyway they can.

    Towards the end of the sort i had some stack outs (as did a few others). I was wraping up my trucks when the FT sup (who has been harrassing me for sometime now) came up to me and asked me when i had stack out and that it was unacceptable. I told her that i am just following my methods and i wont put anything into my trucks w/o checking both labels. I told her that the reason why i dont get misload is because i follow my methods everyday. She left and then came back and started taking pictures on her phone of my "stack outs" and continued telling me if i did my methods properly i would not have stack out.

    Anyway i left there feeling pretty confident that i did a good job. I was laid off yesterday but when i returned today i was brought into the office. I asked my other steward to come with me and when we both walked into the office she told him there was no need for him to be there as i was not getting written up and she just wanted to "talk" she showed the the misload report from tuesday and i apparently had 5 misloads. She said if she were to write me up it would be a working temination and if i were to withdraw the previous SUPS working grievances (which amount to about 200-300 dollars) that she would no write me up a blatent BRIBE. She said she has the misloads here (from Tuesday) and would be taking pictures of them that i didnt circle my labels. And i would be written up for 5 misloads.

    My questions...

    What can i do as i feel like i am still being harrassed and now BRIBED...this is rediulous and i want this to stop is making this type of bribe against UPS policy. I am in no way going to accept but i feel like she is going to get revenge on me one way or another. I was pretty much threatened my job for grievances i filed on SUPS this against any laws???? And why is she holding unserviced packages for 3 days now???
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    You're a steward, what does the BA or local president say when you tell them?
  3. I guess i forgot to mention that i feel like i have been set up. I can go months with out misloads and on that day i was extra careful and in no way would agree to 5 misloads. Under normal circumstances she would be happy to write me up an smile the entire time. But by her trying to bribe me i feel like it was a desparate attempt to try and get one over on me
  4. The union rep just told me to file another greivance and we can proceed to panel but we have already had a formal meeting with her both steward the driver steward and 2 union reps. we discussed the multiple ART 37's that were filed against her and it was left as we would both try to "get along" pretty much nothing happened and i was very unsatsified...this was 2 weeks ago

    The harrassment is still going on she is taking pictures of my loads and now bribing me over an apparent 5 misloads...HR is no help and my only option is to pay for a flight to panel next month or wait untill MAY for when panel is in my area...but May is so far away and i now feel like i need to watch my back from her outside of work which is again REDICULOUS.

    Should i get a lawyer?
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    Harassment is never acceptable in any workplace. If she truly is harassing you, then by all means defend yourself and your position. But I just want to be careful here. If you had 5 misloads, you had 5 misloads. If stack-outs are a problem, then stack-outs are a problem. Your sup addressing you about these things is not harassment.

    As far as what she was talking to you about behind closed, being a shop steward, should have insisted on having representation, ESPECIALLY since you are claiming harassment from this supervisor already. Get your other stewards involved with this 'bribe' she's trying to cut with you. That should not be happening.

    Again, you need to make sure that this harassment is actually harassment. This supervisor definitely sounds like a dirtbag, but addressing you about your performance issues is not harassment.
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    It's actually extortion. Extortion is when something bad will happen to you (termination) if demands are not met. It's illegal.

    On some level you like this bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: or you wouldn't have let the other steward leave the room.
  7. If you look through the fourm there are a number of my posts about how she has straight up degraded me infront of the entire preload yelling mocking making fun of my voice making faces at ...i have filed about 3 or 4 harrassment grievances already she has called me and the other steward "posion" and has no respect for the contract she has been running this place like this for YEARS and i just transfered there a little over a year ago and no one has ever challenged her untill now. I just want it to stop i just want to do my job and leave i know she will try and get revenge on me one way or another esp after i refuse her dirty bribe
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    You letting the steward leave the room doesn't pass the sniff test. If you want these harassment charges to be taken seriously then proceed with caution and be meticulous, not recklessly like the last incident.
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    Ah, ok. I believe I do remember reading that now. Yeah, she does sound like a piece of work. Management needs less of these embarrassments in our ranks. Do what you got to do.

    But I must you have a funny sounding voice? What kind of faces was she making?

    LOL, I kid, I kid.
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    Was it faces like this?


    Or like this:


    ....because that will completely change everything.
  11. She called me into the office after break was over an the belt had already started i motioned my steward to come with me. The office is set up to where there is a bigger office that turns into a smaller office after the second steward entered she told him to leave and that i wasnt being written up. He left to get back to his trucks since the belt has already started
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    You can have him stay regardless.

    Now for the photos. Whenever she comes around to take pics make sure you are in every shot bending over to pick up a package. When she shows them in an attempt to discipline point out to the steward with you the suggestive nature of the pics and file a sexual harassment complaint.

    Playing dirty can be fun. :)
  13. Haha i should have just ran out of the office with my pants down screaming RAPE RAPE!!!!
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    Did you talk to the drivers about the misloads. Did they really happen?
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    That was my initial thought. But if the center manager is dirty, who knows what she could be falsifying and good luck ever getting a peak at the "records". Anyways, I'm not coming down on you, but damn man, what kind of steward are you? The instant the word termination got brought up, I would have excused myself and got the other steward. I'm new to driving, but been in the UPS game 12 years. Once the yapping turns to termination, you bet your ass a steward better be present.
  16. Havent yet working with the night time SUP to see if there was a check scan on them to see where they wear what time the were scanned ect...she wants to cut a deal but shell be getting a nice 3 page grievance in the morning
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    No, he'll be disciplined for failing to bend at the knees, and have to go through 8 Keys re-certification.
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    Why would you ever submit a a 3 page grievance?
    Keep it short and on point.
    Present the details at the local level hearing.
    It's like a poker game, keep your cards close to your chest.
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    Often, especially in cases of harassment, when the Company attempts to discipline employees they'll have the employee write out a detailed statement -- and then prepare THEIR statements around the employees, having an answer to each of the employee's assertions.
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    fightingthegoodfight: What I would recommend is keeping a pocket notebook with you while at work and document every time that you feel like this supervisor is mistreating you. Note the date, the time, the location, circumstances and, if possible, the witnesses to the infraction. That way, you are documenting the pattern of harassment.

    As others have pointed out, since you have an ongoing harassment grievance with this supervisor, never meet with her in private in any circumstance. You have the right to insist on a union representative being present. Just say that you don't feel comfortable meeting with her in private because of previous harassment, and stick to that. If you meet with her in private, you are setting yourself up to false accusations from the supervisor, and it will just be your word against hers.