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    Hi Everyone,

    I am going for an interview tomorrow for a full time driving job with UPS Supply Chains Solutions. This is probably a dumb question, but is UPS a bunch of different companies, or say, if I get a job with UPS Supply Chain Solutions, do I work for UPS. I notice that the trucks are different out on the road. I also see that the forum is broken up into each division or whatever. Can someone clear me up on this please?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Thanks probellringer, that reply pretty well answered all my questions. You're the man!
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    UPS is made up of several different divisions. Parcel is the familiar brown trucks delivering small packages. UPSFreight is a LTL division like a freight line. UPS Cartage seems to be part of Supply Chain Solutions. There is one down the street from my building that deals with a lot of airline and military cargo that is shipped internationally. SCS seems to run warehouse type services for other companies from what I have seen.
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    Our local SCS does a lot of import/export as well as pick and pack.
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    I might add, UPS Freight also has truckload (TL) and Special Services (seems to be dedicated/steady house) divisions, and Cartage Services, Inc. was formerly Menlo (air freight).
    And yes, they are all separate, as far as hourly employment goes.