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    Hey all,

    I need some input based on your personal experiences. I passed the final step of the MAPP, which is the panel to become a full-time supervisor. How long does it take for me to get promoted? one year? 5 years? I am currently a part-time supervisor, been with company for about three years. I have a bachelors degree (if that even matters) and working on my masters.Does everyone pass the panel interview and get into the pool?



    No, not everyone passes the panel, what kind of Sup. were you! I created my username based on the way they promote! i Made waves and called blackballed, you should not have to wait too much longer! Be glad you passed! it may be because of the ruckus i caused up in corporate for the way they did the process before! Good luck!
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    Hang in there... I passed the MAPP, inbox and panel with some of the highest scores in my state.... I was told numerous times that I was one of the top FT candidates in the district, yet two years went by and I finally had to leave for a FT opportunity outside the company. Just keep grinding it out and take every opportunity to make yourself visible.
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    The MAPP process is a Pass or Fail and there is no score. As far as how long it will take all depends on the area you are in. We just had someone take the test a month ago and then pass her interview process and she has already been promoted. I know that we are still looking for candidates in my area so it could happen at any time.
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    Hmmm... to the best of my knowledge the MAPP and Panel are pass/fail things. To the best of my knowledge there is actually a scoring to the inbox assessment... I don't think they are normally made public though. I actually never knew my "score," but I had a district HR manager tell me that I had one of the "highest scores" in the district, which encompassed the entire state basically. And I know... it can be a quick path to promotion, or a painstaking slow one. Unfortunately, I was stuck in a district that was promoting very few at the time...
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    This is the case, as with any interview process at UPS, there is a score. It's the score of how well you perform in each element that determines how you progress to the next. While ultimately you are given a "Pass" "Fail" this is derived by the score.

    In this case though it was highly inappropriate for anybody to discuss with you what your actual score was. The score itself should not impact how quickly you move up or if you move up at all.

    The big thing is to continue to show your value and usefulness to the organization, despite being turned down or seemingly overlooked. More often then not you will find that you weren't overlooked, there was something about the other candidate that you weren't aware of or there was another position that your immediate manager had in mind for you.

    To the OP's question, In a Post-Transformation UPS it's difficult to say how fast a PT Sup would move up. It all depends on what exactly you want to do, who is in front of you currently in those positions, what additional positions are open across the district, how far away those positions are, and how flexible you are.
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    I won't say quota, because we all know they don't exist. There are "guidelines" though. Depends what side you're on if its a benefit or not.
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    Hello, I would like to know how hard is the MAPP process for full time.
    ANY ONE??
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    My question is why would you want to be a full-time supervisor? It could take close to ten years to get promoted. In some cases it takes even longer that that. If you stayed in the union you could have been making top pay by now as a driver and have all the benefits and protection a union provides. In my building the Nassau Hub in New York two full-time supervisors recently quit. The remaining ones are a bunch of zombies that are on ten different medications for stress. They look awful. Bags under their eyes everyday. I hear them get yelled at and embarrassed everyday. On their little radios, cell phones, on the building loud speaker, it's terrible. They abuse the heck out of the full-time supervisors in my building. I'm surprised the labor board hasn't been notified yet. I heard some of them work like 16 hours a day with no break. You couldn't pay me any salary to take that abuse. Think about the road you are taking because I see first hand how bad full-time sups get abused day in and day out. However to be fair I did hear that in Nassau it's worse then anywhere else. Good luck with whatever you choose but that's my two cents.
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    If you are working on your master's degree... try to find a job somewhere else. UPS experience will be a valuable item on your resume. Earning a master's will not increase your value in the company's eyes in any way, nor will you be appropriately compensated for your level of education.
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    Earning a master's will not increase your value in the company's eyes in any way, - It is a pre-requisite for many positions which tend to pay more so not entirely true. Just because a person has a Masters or even PHD, if it is not a qualification for the job, the person with these degrees should not be paid more.

    nor will you be appropriately compensated for your level of education No one should be compensated for their education level ... they should be compensated for their results. Higher education beyond a college degree, to a large extent, props up people with lesser abilities ... it is a way of compensating.
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    I'm just telling the guy how it is at UPS, not how the world should work. As a company we simply don't value education or creative thinking even those these are the things that can make us deliver the best service possible.

    But with that in mind:

    Please show me jobs at UPS where a master's is a bona fide prerequisite.

    Also, please show me where operations management people at UPS are being compensated for their results. Additionally, please explain to me how someone with less education, and poor results, is, at the end of the day, paid more than someone who has undertaken the personal sacrifice to improve and puts out great work.

    Most of the people I know who have PhDs or terminal master's have very few lesser abilities. In fact, they are some of the smartest people I know. And they are paid very, very, very well. True, there are bozos out there who definitely pursue post-grad education, but their education is dubious and their overall depth is poor. Unfortunately UPS seems to be the place where the latter flourishes... hence, my feelings regarding UPS are simple: "Even if you are the smartest clown at the circus, you are still a clown, and no one will ever take you seriously."
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    There are many jobs that require or desire a Masters at UPS. Many of the manager level positions in F&A as an example.
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    I think Thomas Edison Online U is offering a Masters in Boxology and a PHD in stops per car.

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    We tell everyone that they had some of the highest scores in the state.. Don't look into that too much..

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Yes take this guys advice.. How long have you worked for UPS, and you still load a truck? THIS fella has no clue, hence forth all the success he has had. Go get your masters. A masters degree will advance you in the company. YOU ARE compensated for your education. Not long from now a bachelors will be equivalent to a high school education. A masters will be essential.
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    Typical lies by management. Why do you have to lie to dedicated employees who are trying to better themselves? This is why nobody wants to go into management.
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    You will be a shoe in for promotion if you chant this one phrase, " Yes sir. yes sir, three bags full".
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    Would you please tell me about UPS MAPP Test , Mailbox, ..etc?

    Thank you.
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    Please any one would you please tell me about the MAPP test, Mail box,...etc?

    Thanks so much!