Marijuana the legalization of it?

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    I was watching the news today and saw that California was trying to get pot legalized again. They would tax it at a stiff 50 bucks an ounce. I don't use, but do think it would generate tons of money and maybe we could get some control over the problems that we have now with it. I do know it would stimulate the economy though, doritos stock would go thru the
  2. Baba gounj

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    Let's see if mj is legalized then;
    a new revenue source is created
    real growing farms will be established
    new farming jobs
    new getting products to market related jobs will exist
    no more illegal farming on public lands
    law enforcement personal can spend more time on real crimes

    many current drug cartels will see a drop in profits.
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    Yeah man.........uh...that's ...far out and solid......gotta go....uh....where are the ring dings?
  4. JimJimmyJames

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    I believe it should be legalized. I don't believe anyone should use it.
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    hang'em high
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    I think the entire "War on Drugs" is a complete failure and complete waste of money. I too also believe that drugs, especially organics (marijuana, peyote and coca leaves in their natural state), should be completely legal but I can understand some arguments for synthetics like meth. I look at meth as nothing more than poison to clean the gene pool. But then, if the afore mentioned organics were legal, would people (even the real dumb ones) expend the energy and risk to cook up something so aweful to begin with? I'm not convinced because in general, humans will seek a path of least effort to obtain something. BTW: Chewing coca leaves is like a triple caff. coffee and that's it.

    That said, in the case of marijuana, I'm not convinced it will be the huge money maker some (including advocates for legalization) suggest it will be. I actually think the economic benefits of industrial hemp and the wide product lines from it's use pose a better benefit than the tax scheme being thrown around currently by advocates of legalization. The tax deal is a means to an end IMO and being way overblown.

    The reason I question to tax revenue stream is the ability to grown marijuana yourself and avoid the tax man. Initially, I do think there will be a spike in use if made legal (the latest fade thing especially among babyboomers trying to relive their youth) but in time it will level off.

    I just think some in the legalization community are over selling the tax revenue returns and IMO should be focusing on industrial hemp which has little to no THC compounds making it useless for recreational use but perfect for a competitive alternative in many areas for wood, cotton and other industrial/commodity products.

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    [​IMG]<--Yeah man, whatever this dude said :bloodshot:
    An interesting little county up in No Cal.....

    "Marijuana is the major cash crop here. A county-commissioned study reports pot accounts for up to two-thirds of the local economy.
    “I don’t think there’s anything more important in this economy. To take this out would be a major blow,”
  8. Monkey Butt

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    Same for the state of Kentucky and many parts of Appalachia. At least it was 4 - 5 years ago.
  9. Sammie

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    Maybe one day I'll met Deisel in the first legal Cannabis Coffee Shop in the U.S
    and we can :cigarsmoker::cigarsmoker::cigarsmoker::cigarsmoker: settle our

    scores once and for all....:happy2:
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    I am somewhat of a libertarian; to a large extent I feel that we should have the freedom to choose what we put into our bodies.

    I also feel, however, that there are substances such as cocaine, meth and heroin that are so immediately addictive that there is really no such thing as a free choice. These substances are flat out toxic.

    I would put marijuana in the same category as alcohol; it is potentially harmful but for many people it can be used and enjoyed in moderation. It should be legalized and taxed, with the proceeds used to fund rehabilitaton programs.

    I have yet to meet or hear of anyone who could use cocaine, crack, meth or heroin in moderation.

    For my part, there is no such thing as moderation. I am a full-blown alcoholic, so my only two options are being drunk every day or to be clean and sober and in recovery. For the last 12 years I have chosen to be clean and sober one day at a time.
  11. wkmac

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    My guess, if you joined D in a reefer bar to settle your differences, the outcome would most likely be very peaceful. Typically marijuana induces a state of contentment or in other words, you're to stoned to give a :censored2: :happy-very:.

    That was another fear of society planners that a society allowed the free and open use of this drug would devolve into an undriven, uncaring and unmotivated society. How can you build an empire when the self interests of the individual is to roll play Cheech and Chong!

    By the time you and D knocked the better part of a dimebag out, (RIP Dimebag Darrell) you'd probably be the best of BUDS!
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    I would be in favor of taxing marijuana, like any other vice for a revenue source. Drugs are like illegal weapons, if people want them, they find them and use them.

    There is medicinal marijuana available, that is controlled by the government, and hopefullu, that would be the standard for legalization and tax revenues.

    The war on drugs has been going on for 40 years, and nothing has changed. The cycle of arrests, lawyers, court, jail time, all at the taxpayers expense.

    However, here's the scary part, that if people partake in using the drug, then I'm not so sure I would want them on the driving on the road, but then again there are many who drive under the influence of alcohol. There should still be arrest for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  13. MikeTbob

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    They'll never legalize marijuana, just for the simple fact that they can't bring it under complete government control. This would be like outlawing Pecan trees and trying to tax them. People will just grow their own and say to hell with paying taxes. But I think the more important benefits to society are as mentioned above: Less people in jail, more time for police to apprehend real criminals, drug cartels would lose a ton of profits, etc.
    I personally think that outlawing marijuana and or hemp is stupid and counterproductive. Do you know how many jobs we could create just by allowing the use of hemp products? I think they can even make an ethanol type of fuel from hemp plants. Clothes, rope, shoes, all can be made from hemp.

    As for the hardcore drugs, I say if people want to use these drugs and destroy their lives, give them some cheap dope, send them to the local "drug house" and let them go frigging crazy. Why not? We have drunks driving on the highways with a 2500 pound deadly weapon, and they are endangering more than just themselves.
  14. stevetheupsguy

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    Good, then maybe they'll legalize prostitution, armed robbery and murder. I can't wait.:dissapointed:

    Hope that fence isn't high enough that it gives you a wedgie.:wink2:

    The problem that I see with choosing freely, is that not everyone is brought up with the same common sense. There will always be someone that goes overboard. JMHO.

    Sober, my congratulations to your one day at a time sobriety. I'm glad you have made it this far, taking it one "step" at a time.:happy2:
  15. moreluck

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    You don't legalize something just because you're having trouble controlling it.
  16. JimJimmyJames

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    I think as long as the government does not tax it extremely, the tax revenue may be substantial. People in general have quite a capacity for laziness and if given the choice between going to the store or growing it themselves, they will choose the store.

    As for legalizing prostitution Steve, they do it in Nevada and it seems to be working out. If people want to lose their souls in prostitution, gambling and substance abuse, who am I to stand in their way. Just tax it so we have the funds to clean up the mess they make. Because, in the end, people are going to do these things if we give them permission to or not.
  17. MikeTbob

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    It's gone way beyond "unable to control it". Peoples lives and families are being torn apart for possession of a few grams of pot. This is an outrage and unacceptable in my book. When a 15 year old kids tries pot for the first time and gets caught by law enforcement, he/she gets a criminal record for life. should we just lock up all those kids too? When you can physically maim someone for life and get out of jail in 5 years or sell 10 grams of pot for the same sentence,,,something is very wrong. Our criminal justice system is screwed by the fact that they make money from drugs too, by penalizing and assessing fines to people who are caught. So in essence drugs are paying for the judges salaries.:peaceful::peaceful: That's another reason why they'll never legalize it.
  18. John19841

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    Maybe if someone could give me on decent understandable reason why it should not be legal, then I wouldn't be so against the legalization of it.

    It should be legal just like alcohol is. Over 18 (not 21) , No driving under the influence, etc. There are lots of people who make the argument against it who have no business making those decisions. Unless you know the effects first hand, you should not speculate. Alcohol is far worse. When you consume too much, you could literally die. Drink enough, but not that (to the point of poisoning) too much, it makes you sick, you vomit and likely pass out. Little less than that and while you might think you're completely aware of what's going on around you, you're really not. I'm sure you guys all know how it works.

    Back to marijuana; In this comparison to alcohol, you can clearly see there is no reason for its unlawfulness. How many have you heard of dying from smoking too much at a time? Any overdoses? Who throws up all over themselves? While you may be inclined to sleep, you do not pass out. Although you are high, you are completely aware of what is happening around you. Don't get me wrong, You're still impaired, but not nearly as bad as alcohol. Driving is much more negotiable than while drinking (Although I would not condone making that legal; just look at the morons with cell phones.) Anyway, the side effects are minimal. You do not wake up the next morning with a massive hangover and no recollection of what happened the night before.

    Some more basic information. Angry Drunks. A big part of the population drinks and gets upset. Even if you're typically a "happy drunk" alcohol screws with the emotions (I'm sure we've all experienced increased emotions here) One little trigger could set you off where you would flip out. With weed, well; everyone's happy. Not a care in the world.

    I'm not really too sure of an addictive property. I know cigarettes are highly addictive (just quit) and they're completely legal. Alcohol is legal and there are addicts. With weed, I'm sure that there are lots of people who would become "addicts" What I am not aware of is an addictive property of weed. I believe it would be a mental addiction such as "It makes me feel good, so I want more." And not everyone would act like retards (a la Cheech and Chong) Granted, most people do laugh a lot and say some dumb things, but it is usually a relaxed atmosphere.

    Let the government tax it, Just let us vote on it. Hell, Cigarettes are legal, and the government taxes them to no extent. Also talks of alcohol taxes going up (again.) Let them make some more money on this, just don't throw me (figurative) in jail for something so pitiful. Where I live the right first step has already been made. Caught with a small amount on you, get a ticket (non criminal.)

    To all those who said people would just grow it to avoid taxes, fine. Let them. Hell, there's people who grow their own tobacco, brew their own alcohol, Go out of state to buy things from a lower taxed state, etc. etc. Some people do whatever they can to avoid taxes. The majority of the population though is too damn lazy to go through the trouble when they can go down the the corner store and buy a week's supply, propbably much cheaper than you get it illegally for now. The fact that it's illegal drives up the price. Make it legal, bi companies here grow it and sell it, drops prices dramatically, government adds huge tax rates and well, think cigarettes. 20 to a pack, 20 joints to a pack; roughly the same amount of plant. To buy all that weed now, $100+ Cigarettes: $7.77 (just went up again) here. That's with a ridiculous amount of taxes. Say they put a 100% tax on it, double the price. I still think you could get a pack of 20 joints for less than $100. Probably less than $50. For those not in the know, 20 joints could last you quite a while...Well, depending on if you're sharing ;)

    Sorry, I tend to go on and on when it comes to issues like this. I just feel the government has no right and no justification to outlaw something like this. Especially with its medicinal use. There is no harm for anyone in the legalization. It would free up so many resources in this country. Do we really need a "war" on it? Do we need our prisons overpopulated with these "drug" users. Think of the tax dollars going to the enforcement of arcaic laws.
  19. Monkey Butt

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    Pot smokers will be easy to spot ... they'll be the ones going 40 mph on the Interstate.
  20. John19841

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    Good, then maybe they'll legalize prostitution, armed robbery and murder. I can't wait.:dissapointed:

    Prostitution should be legal; I'll get to that in a second. Armed Robbery and Murder should not. Reason being, Robbery and Murder do harm to another person. If you want to murder yourself (suicide) I'm all for it, you want to kill yourself, fine. You're doing it to yourself you should have that right if it's what you so choose. Back to prostitution; You want to whore yourself out, go for it. You want to treat your body that way, fine. That's your decision. I have no right to tell you you cannot. You're not hurting anybody else by doing it. It's the same reason I don't agree with seatbelt laws. You don't want to wear your seatbelt and run the risks if in an accident, fine it's your life - your decision. Once again, I have no right to tell you you have to. But more so, When did the government gain the right to tell us what decision we have to make regarding our own personal well being?

    Anyway, my original reason for responding was that comparing weed to robbery and murder is ridiculous and I'm sure you know it. There is no comparison what so ever, so I'm not going to go into what are obvious details.