Massive layoff?

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    It looks like Fedex is able to divert much of the freight these days to ground, home etc. There are heavy days followed by extremely light days. Like someone is playing with the system. Add to that the continued hiring of part time workers. Kind of like having a strike force ready to fill in but only having to cover 17 hours of pay till needed. And heap on top of that DRA which is supposed to free up mgrs from rt balancing while providing any courier a step by step road map of an area. So you (evil fred) continue to manipulate the flow of pkgs until your sure ground can handle the bulk, then when you have raped the express side, you can show the losses and pkg decrease necessary to get a sympathetic mass layoff of older topped out drivers. Once the new lower paid drivers are in place you can start to re-balance the work flow. .. ? ..:knockedout:
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    Eyes wide open yet everyone? Even as you curse the day Fred was born he manipulates you to his own final design. You are a transitional piece.
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    yet...Fred is old and will die soon. Cant take it with you. Would have been nice to put all that money into something society could have revered him for.
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    ^^ But until he does, I'm sure he's enjoying his spoils.
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    Fred has a plan, and he's sticking to it. That's why you need to stick-it to Fred if you are an Express employee. Help him lose money however and wherever you can.
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    Management does a great job of that at my sta