McCain on Disability?

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    McCain is getting $58000/year disability, in addition to his full salary and medical benefit sas a US Senator.
    You'd think he would donate that to a serviceman that really needs it. Instead, he has voted against a new 'GI BIll' for our brave soldiers in this ill conceived war.

    This is after he made propaganda videos for the enemy.

    Manchurian canidate?
  2. av8torntn

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    Are you gonna post these videos up or what?
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    Not only did he not support the GI bill, which he'll be hammered on this election season, but he's also trying to gain votes in Florida as an enviromental canidate telling Florida newspaper editors, “I am in favor of doing whatevers neccessary to save the Everglades.” Yet, he did not support the Everglades Restoration Bill. Shame on you pandering John.
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    Just curious.... would you have been willing to trade places with John McCain as a POW?

    Let's take it one step further - maybe all us retirees should turn in our pensions to help pay for unilateral health care or illegals getting a break on tuition? Don't the illegals deserve to get an education on our dime???

    I sure would like to hear your answer on if you would have traded places?

    If John McCain didn't vote for a GI bill it was because there was some sort of flaw or pork barrel issue associated with it. It is easy to spin anything.

    So far there are 202 GI bills that have been introduced into the 110th Congressl Which one are you referring to? Give me a bill number and I will research it to find out why John McCain did not support it.

    I will use for my research.

    BOs biggest asset is his lack of experience in the senate. He only has 2 congressional sessions he has been in the senate for. AND this last session he has spent most of his time running for president!!! Since the 3rd Q of 2007 he has missed 64% of the vote.

    In all fairness, McCain's record is no better - obviously they are both running for president. The difference is that McCain has served his constituency as a US senator since 1987! BO can't make any such claim. He is a rookie senator... still wet behind the ears!

    BO was 26 years old when McCain became senator!

    Please don't make up crap if you can't prove it. For example - being tortured and being forced to make a video. Where is you decency and patriotism as an American in support of captured and tortured POWs or any American citizen who ends up in the enemies hands??? I can make an argument that you are giving aid and comfort to the enemy when you slander the good name of an American heroe. What does that make you?
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    thats a popular attack on any politician, finding some bill the congressman did not support to put him down. There are good bills and bad bills. Not Supporting a badly written bill simply because it claims to help the cause does not make him wrong.
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    Also, lots of bills come with "junk" attached........millions of $$$ of junk!!

    Some politicians will be for the basic bill, but in good conscience cannot pass all the attached wastefulness along with it, so they vote 'no'.
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    Florida Republicans as well as Democrats strongly supported the bill, including McCain's top Sunshine State allies, Gov. and possible VP Canidate Charlie Crist and U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez.
    But McCain opposed it and, when Bush vetoed it, urged colleagues to sustain the veto. The veto was overridden, and the bill authorized the first significant federal spending for the project. Does that make him wrong, maybe not in your minds since republicans can do no wrong:wink2:, but the concensus says he was by passing legislation.
    Crist called the passage "one step closer to our goal of restoring the South Florida ecosystem" and thanked the Florida delegation for "tirelessly working to get this legislation to the finish line, without the help of Sen McCain. And now he comes down here, takes a photo op on an air boat ride and tries to smooze the voters that he cares. IMO thats pandering.
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    UPS Lifer

    The bill is S.22.

    Maybe if McCain didn't crash so many times as an aviator, he wouldn't have ended up as a POW. Of course, had his father and grandfather not been top Navy brass, he probably wouldn't have made it through the Academy to begin with.

    To me, disabled means just that. He is drawing a full salary and getting darn good medical courtesy of the taxpayers as a US Senator.
  10. tieguy

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    Did the party of kennedy and Kerry just try to label McCain a blue blood?
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    But in all fairness it really does not matter what disabled means to you. When you get a medical retirement from the military it means you are not capable to physically stay in the military. Unless you are suggesting that we do away with medical retirement from the military I think he probably meets the standard. BTW the medical is not darn good either. I would guess he uses the congressional health care system instead of the VA or either pays for private care. I know I would.
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    Is McCain also getting a pension? There is a part time driver who gets about $47,000 a year pension plus 100% medical at a VA hosp. He is only about 40 and he is not retired, why does he get his pension already?
  13. tieguy

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    Getting shot down and being tortured everyday for six years apparently does not qualify the man.

    Liberals claim to love their military until a member of the military runs for office on the opposing ticket.
  14. av8torntn

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    I read somewhere that from his torture he still cannot raise his arms above shoulder level.
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    The same goes for black candidates. They love it when a black candidate runs on their ticket, but a black republican is not acceptable. Just ask republican Micheal Steele who ran for Maryland's Senate seat and had democrats show up at his rallies throwing Oreo cookies.
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    Blue blooded as far as rich in the military family tradition.
    Crafty how you try to label Democrats representatives of the wealthy though.

    I guess Kennedy, Carter, Gore, Kerry, Dukuakis and the list goes on doesn't love the military as well.
    Senator John McCain - McCain's naval honors include the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross. Why did the Bush campaign smear him so in 2000? At least Senators Cleland (D-GA), Kerry (D-MA), Kerrey (D-NE), Robb (D-VA) and Hagel (R-NE) defended him.

    If we have such a liberal media, how does the Republican warmongering cheerleaders claim to have a pantent on the military and patriotism?
    I'll answer that for you.....REPETATIVE CONDITIONING OF A FALSE GOP MYTHOLOGY, fillabustered by chickenhawks:whiteflag: who lacked courage to put their bravado where their mouth is.
  17. diesel96

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    Maybe they saw edited soundbytes about his Reverend.
  18. tieguy

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    Not all that crafty. pretty much common fact. Rich carpetbaggers who take advantage of the poor. Come vote for us poor and we will out of love for the masses create large socialistic beaurocracys that will provide you with minimum wage jobs.

    Its why the republicans catch so much hell for the military machine. The democrats hoped to line their pockets first. Though many are doing just fine getting their sloppy seconds.

    So its pretty much known that each side of the aisle has theirs. Running for office requires an ability to generate wealth. The aristocracy is in place. Yet for some reason the democrats still try to pretend its only the republicans lining their pockets.