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    Recently, vantexan mentioned he no longer accepts service awards or other forms of FedEx "recognition". Maybe more of us should do the same, and send a strong message that paper BZ's, cheap service awards, and meaningless birthday and Xmas cards aren't a substitute for decent wages. Let's forget about pizza and doughnuts, and push for a reward system that provides meaningful payouts.

    At our station, we celebrate milestones with Costco sheet cakes. BFD. Rarely, we'll have station BBQ's with limited quantities of food available, like hot dogs, Costco soda, and chips. Wow!! Let's say your station wins an award for "Station of the Month"...will it be a BBQ or 6 boxes of donuts? They are so cheap that you get one effing hot dog or burger. For the last several years, I have refused to participate.

    How about Safe Driving Awards? UPS has a "Circle of Honor", and I hear it's a pretty big deal. Do we have an equivalent? No, and although milestone awards have improved, achieving 25 years of safe driving deserves some real recognition.

    Instead of cheap crap, how about a check? And if you're going to give me a card from Dave Bronczek congratulating me on something, at least have him actually sign it, OK? Any sort of fake computer-generated "acknowledgement" is insulting at best.
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    Theres a bright side to this. Atleast you get food.LOL!!! I cant tell you how many mornings I have walked in and they are bbqing for preload. I dont know if it is the same at other buildings but the tell the drivers at mine straight up this is for our employees and they dont have enough for us. Then that same manager will call you on your own personal phone run up your bill trying to get you to reattempt a delivery and if you say no they start threating your job. what a joke!!! We are only not employees when it is convinent for EX...
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    safe driving and years of service awards, are thing from the past..........and turkeys too
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    This is actually sad and true, but the almost 2 years I spent at UPS, all we had was one BBQ, but they organised it as a cook off (who makes the best burgers).
    So, employers, brought in thier own meat and mixture, and the BBQ was ofcourse after our shift, on our own time.

    No drinks were served either, we bought drinks from the vending machine to go with the burgers.

    I would have particpated, ( bringing my own raw hamburger mixture), but they had it on a Thursday or midweek, anyways.
    And, I never got home until 9pm.
    I did sort of complain, and told the center manager to hold it on a Monday instead, so we got time to prep.

    So, there ya go fedex, beat that one !
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    This past Christmas, we had to bring our own food to a "potluck", which pretty much sucked. FedEx contributed zero to the party. Meanwhile, management held a posh catered party that was supposed to be kept secret from the hourlies. At least our party was sort of on the clock because you got about 10 minutes to wolf down your food before they chased you out. Doesn't sound like UPS does much better.
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    At the UPS facility where I work, we used to have Gatorades once every two weeks during the hot summer months of Texas. We also had some kind of safety BBQ in the past. We do not do any of those things now. Management also recently began to push safety for the preload and said that every quarter there would be a drawing for people who have not been injured for the quarter for 5 $100 rewards. It has been about a year since that PCM meeting, and no one has received anything for not getting injured. How surprising.

    It is not like I care about those things anyways. When they do things like breakfast for no misloads or safety or something, or some other kind of food or recognition reward, I say they can take it and shove it. I am not there to eat breakfast. I ate breakfast before coming to work. I am there to make money. Give me something that I care about.