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    I'm interested in applying for a mechanics job at a small location. One where there is a small fleet & only one mechanic. The mechanic there now will be leaving soon. My question is: Does a mechanic at these locations work only night shift? Or some of both...days & some nights? What else do I need to know about the job? I have many years of experience of working with fleet vehicles & just curious before I make a huge effort in trying to get the job. Thanks.
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    Worked out of a small center for years before it was closed. Had a fleet of around 30 package cars and 26 or so were on the road daily. Mechanic worked from noon to 830pm and rarely was allowed any overtime.
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    Ok, thanks bottomups. Anything else I need to know before applying?
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    Memorize these two phrases:

    Parts On Order

    OK/Safe to Run
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    LOL. Yes, I know how to do that now on my current job!
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    A word of advice from a driver. Your life will be easier if you make a token attempt to educate your drivers when they come to you with something. Instead of "a noise" teach them to be specific. When, where, why , and how. Just because they're dumb truck drivers don't treat them as such. Especially the ones who make an attempt to help you. I've had great mechanics since I've gone driving and using what automotive knowledge I have I would try and ballpark a problem for them and they in turn would educate me as well. Now when I have problems with a rig more often or not I can narrow it down to a few things and they are able to get the repairs done faster.
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    Also, Will Schedule
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    I agree with you. I have been a fleet mechanic for years & still learn something new almost everyday. So, I don't expect the drivers to know about everything automotive that I do. I have worked with drivers, at my present job & it sure does help. I can get the repairs done faster & they can get on with their job. I don't ever think of them as dumb truck drivers. We both have our jobs to do. Together, we can make each others lifes much easier.
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    Now, your just like a runner/gunner in the package world. Mechanics go slower, because UPS won't allow them overtime. This backs up the trucks that are red tagged, meaning fewer in the fleet to show the ivory towers that overtime is needed to get the trucks on the road.
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    And don't forget to be specific. Don't use general term, like loud noise heard, door broke. Really? like a 14 yr ols package car not going to rattle, and there are depending on the car 4 or 5 doors. If at all possiable learn mechanic termanology. The latchy thing inplace of lock is not good.