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    The Mediator has called a meeting between Local 2727 and UPS at the end of May. The pressure is on for "The Company" to bring an end to the stalling of a fair contract. Local 2727 reported that President Combine has sent Scott Davis a letter and he has NOT RESPONDED to the issues that could result in a work stoppage. Why would he rather customers move to FDX than bargain with 1300 loyal and dedicated employees? The tone of the letter, in my opinion, would be start a media blitz, along with UPS Stores info pickets, Air Group info pickets, ATL marching, USA Today and Wall Street Journal paid advertising. It would be better to settle than take a chance of losing customers like in 97. FDX stock has jumped over UPS and leaving it in the dust, why take a chance of making customers leave UPS? This contract dispute, with such a small group of people, who in return provide a valuable service commitment should have Scott Davis showing a sense of urgency to make sure customers are not driven away.
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    Very hard to argue with any of the points in this thread.
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    Except for the Stock Price. Theirs went up because a lawsuit was settled in their favor and our earnings were not so favorable. Our stock is still valued higher than FDX. It hasn't exactly been left in the dust either . . .

    Airbus - Can you remind us with specifics what exactly is being asked for? What are the increases that are being sought from the expired contract? And just to remind us, 2727 is still working under the expired contract, correct?
  4. Just a point of fact here . . . Contacts between Local 2727 and UPS don't terminate the way that the Teamster contract with UPS does . . . They merely become "amendable". The Airline mechanics and pilots contracts (I believe it's Railway Labor Act provisions) are different that way !