Medical Certification with diabetes.


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Hello everyone! I got hired at UPS as truck preloader couple months ago. I'm working hard and my supervisors are pretty happy with my work performance. Of course I want to move up to Driver and working hard for it. The only problem: I have diabetes type 1 (insulin dependable) for over 20 years since i was a child.
I did some researches online but there plenty of posts saying that Diabetes 1 type is automatic disqualification, also there are some posts that saying opposite... Does anybody knows if it possible to pass DOT med. certification with that kind of diagnosis? Maybe somebody here have it, or knows drivers with that kind of diagnosis and can share their experience? That is really important question for me, because if I would not be able to pass that med. certification, that means I have no sense to keep working there, which is extremely sad with all effort I've put in this job.
Thanks in advance


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You would have to get a federal waiver from fmcsa, and take waiver in with you when you go for your DOT card. Have a driver in center that uses a pump, and is driving.

Do an internet search, and you should find the results you are searching for.