Meeting customers.

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    shoulda shipped usps lol
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    OHHHHH, we are going to hear about this one. This will be good for several PCM's.
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    All I can say about this is if you are required to meet a consignee to deliver a package, check their ID and put their license plate number in the remarks column to CYA.
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    Ah, duh?

    "But 11 News has learned that wasn’t exactly true. The rings were supposed to be sent to an apartment in League City. But instead, League City police determined that UPS delivered the package to someone outside of a Walgreens at the request of the buyer.
    UPS can’t confirm who actually received the package. It may have been the buyer or it may have been someone else. In the police report, it stated that the UPS driver handed over the wedding rings without asking for identification.
    "I think it's ridiculous. They did it without checking ID," said Leila Radan."

    The truth or fact is, the customer ( who UPS can not confirm) met the driver and had a cashier check/ money order for the correct amount and made out to the consignee.
    We are not the shopping police.
    When a customer stops me on route and knows exactly the cod amount and has it made out to the shipper, that sucker is delivered.
    In the article, the shipper admits that they did not read the "fine print" about fraud.
    The driver " handed over" the pkg when the customer handed over a promissory note, per instruction.
    How would the customer know the amount and the day of delivery, if they were not the customer?
    Actually, I, as a driver, can not legally demand someone to show me their personal ID.
    Caveat emptor and the same goes for the seller.
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    One article three idiots.

    Seller: should not be selling a 10,000 dollar ring with out payment first.

    Buyer: is a thief

    UPS driver: well, I don't know what the whole story is but my guess is it should have been a high value so he may not have done what he should have. There's just something strange about meeting the guy somewhere other than his apartment(it had to be in the same area right?)
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    If you've never done this, you haven't been around long. Obviously, in hind site, the purpose of the meet away from the address was because the receiver didn't live there. However I can't even estimate how many times I have done this when nothing was shady about it. The company should require the service code that does not allow for indirects on any package insured for more than $1k, just to cover themselves and us.
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    Most common scam on Craigslist is the Pay to much in cashier's check, then tell seller to cash it, keep the balance for themselves / pay the shipper.

    I have a bunch of these "cashier's Checks" on my desk if anyone wants to see - I'll scan them & post. They look fantastic. Accounts are real, banks are real, there is money in the account - it is just that the account owner didn't know they wrote a big check.

    Whoever gave the package to a customer outside of WalMart? Sorry guy, lousy time to be looking for a new job.
  9. But Benefits Are Great!

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    Absolutely correct. Just as you are not Legally Obligated to hand over a package to anyone, ID or not.
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    Quite frequently the company (or another driver) would ask me to meet someone I didn't know in the town where I delivered because they would be looking to get a C.O.D. or signature required pkg and weren't going to be home at their rural address. I don't recall ever being told to check an ID. I never had a problem doing this but I would bet the driver in this case will be put through the ringer.
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    That's a great idea TRPL. I have frequently met customers on rte. Sometimes at the request of the center but more often they just track me down. Generally I don't mind it, except at lunch time. If it's a resi customer and I know them I don't get a signature. I do note in the diad that it's an 'on rte p/u'.
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    That is completely and utterly ridiculous for this news channel to post this BS!! UPS can not control the amount of fraud crap that goes on with in our locations, not even mention Nigeria etc. I stop probably 30 nda letters a night that are put into drop boxes. When you open these letters they look just like the real thing, I have a box in my office I have to send off normally once a week that is full.

    First of all its not UPS responsibility to look at check, money order, or payment method to see if correct. Pkg was obviously not insured for over $5,000 or more because it wasn't a controlled high value. Oh but the rings were worth over $10,000 so the customer said. This guy that contacted him off Craig's list is good he knows what to do. Why isn't there any blame on Craig's list here? If UPS is responsible to make sure the check is good why isn't Craigslist responsible to make sure there's no con artist that uses there site. I guess they couldn't control that?? Duhh Hell no they couldn't control who uses there site.

    When the customer called in for the DCR or probably uses this system alot call the local center and say "I don't live at this address, or I will not be at home for the del attempt, etc. can I please set up a meet point for me to get the pkg from the drvr. You know you have probably heard all the stories..... Can you imagine us trying to police all of the DCR's that come in daily.

    I had a customer call me once threaten to come to UPS and beat my ass over.... Had a shipper called the 800 # after tracking his pkg seeing online a moved exception the message came in to call customer and resolve. So I send a message to drvr call the center. Drvr calls in says ya, address is abandoned note on door to send pkgs this address..... So I called the shipper back to let him know information I just found out and that the pkg would be del'v to the new address the following day (gave new add. to shipper which is information shipper is entitled to)
    Ten minutes later I get a phone calling raising immortal hell that I"m gonna get my ass beat, my tires slashed, and a lot of more interesting things. This lady said I just gave this information to her ex-husband that is scared of and now he knows her new address. Wow, I apologized profusely to her and felt terrible but there was no way to know what was taking place at the time. On average I spoke to at least 50 people or more on a daily basis, about pkgs. I tried to explain procedures to her what happens here (UPS) if this was going on why did you leave a note with the information on it? Why didn't it say something on the note, given another address to del to, will call the pkgs at the center etc...

    Ok sorry for the rant but that's just a drop in the bucket to different scenario's that happen. It would be nice to protect those who need it if we could help in situations and we do but the reality part is it can't be done most of the time.

    Oh!! I didn't get my ass beat :knockedout: but boy if i would have gotten beat up half the times I was threatened I wouldn't come out of the hospital..
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    One of the beautiful things about the small communities that I deliver in, is when a customer hands me any form of certified payment, all I really need do is look at the signature on the check, because I know them as well. Years ago I did have a fellow who received a lot of computers & components for resale. He told my cover guy once that it was ok for him to leave the boxes & he'd catch up with him later with the check, that I do this for him all of the time. WRONG! Thankfully he didn't. Another time he did try a cashiers check from a bank outside of the area, & outside of the state for that matter. I told him that I'd even give him the $2 to go to one of the local banks, and get another check. He was furious that I wouldn't accept this check. But I still think my instincts were correct, he never pressed the matter further, and the shipment went to NM 3 & I returned them. About a month later he was back at it with local funds again.
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    "They contacted UPS for reassurance, and were told that money orders and cashier’s checks are 100 percent safe and guaranteed.

    The Radan's paid $226 for shipping. They even purchased special package insurance just to be safe."

    Now the media often get things wrong. And she might be lying about what she was told. And she should have read the small print. But if she paid $226 it wasn't just for freight on a couple rings. And if the COD amount was $10k handing over the package to someone you've never seen before without id, never mind at no known address, is insane. If that's policy the driver should be ok. But if that's policy the company should get tagged... And btw, isn't non-costume jewelry over $500 a prohibited item in the UPS system? Or is that just international? Of course, we ship plenty of porn, and that's "prohibited" too.
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    Satellite Drivah maybe I'm wrong or watch to many Law & Order shows,but I would say we have a right to ask for an I.D at time of signature since you have to be an ""ADULT'' TO SIGN FOR PKG,WE SHOULD HAVE RIGHT to see an id!!! I have asked for I.Ds in past when kids were trying to sign for wine !!!!
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    boy for somone that does not have a clue as to their full time or part time status, you sure are an expert at all things ups........

    several things stink on this whole thing.

    226 bucks to ship a package? musta been done at the ups store. they are the best at being creative with revenue enhancements.....

    that would also explain why there was not a high value restriction placed on the package. no restriction on the package, the driver did exactly what he was suposed to do.

    heart breaking story, but too much focus on emotion instead of fact.

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    I really find it hard to believe that someone at UPS told them that cashiers checks and money orders were 100% safe. They are certified funds but as far as I know you can still stop payment on them and leave someone hanging. Remember the old saying about death and taxes - the only 2 100% "SURE" things
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    No matter - I'm correct.

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    As drivers, when someone gives you a cashier check/money order, we can't be verifying and criticizing it thinking its a fake. We take a look to make sure it's not a personal check and that the correct amount is on it.

    It is not our place to be blamed for fraud. If someone came up to me with the cashier check with that amount on it, I would assume it was legit as well.
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    Mixing metaphors on this one, bbag.