Megaupload shut down by the FBI, ANONS shuts down FBI's site and many other...

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    Anonymous has posted this too: #OpMegaupload -

    Did Anonymous get played?: Anonymous 'goes nuclear' in Megaupload revenge attack | News | The Week UK
  2. I see, it can be very well a trick, they are going to censor the net no matter what, only gotta find reason for it...Just as the Ndaa, they signed it anyways. Something is coming...
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    When did you start talking like this?? What set you off? Alex Jones, Coast to Coast, a book on the mayan calendar?, just wondering
  4. PMd you in details, Alex is fear-mongering. Something BIG and good is coming. The occupy movement started, I was up there in the first week in NY. And once you get in the subject you just want to dig more and more. Anyways it has to do with area 51 and our alien friends, looking glass project (google it) (Saddam and Gaddafi had it), so the war on terror is FLAWED, but the wars were still for the better... And yes the date is 21st :D
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    Megaupload is back online.
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    When are they going to attack ?
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    It's called the "Hacker COLLECTIVE Anonymous" so what do you think?

    "Who am I not to open the door for the man who only seeks meaningless folly!"
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    It was on CNN it's a lie?

    Five arrested in high-profile cyberattacks -
  11. CNN is only one level better than Fox (both crap still). All MSM channels like a state media having the same headlines same script different anchors.
    Piece of mind:
    CNN BUSTED!!! AGAIN more Fake videos from the Libya, Syria conflict - YouTube

    Caught: Staged CNN Syria Interviews Faked By Activist Danny - YouTube

    Media Reacts To Conan's Same-Sex Wedding News - YouTube