Members of Local 396, I urge you to vote NO on this proposal!

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    Brothers and Sisters of Local 396,

    With respect to this contract proposal brought to us by our local officers, I urge YOU to vote NO and reject this proposal on behalf of our local. The Officers of the local clearly support this proposal and would like nothing better than to see its passage, However, "WE" are in charge of the local as members and its "OUR WILL" that matters and not that of the Secretary-Treasurer or its other officers.

    Forget all other aspects of this proposal, for they do not carry the "Weight" of the two components that require us to reject this contract.

    First, with whats been presented for healthcare coverage, the Local has publicly stated in its april monthly meeting, that the western conference "opted" out of the coverage conversion to the Central States plan, and instead, will attempt to create an entirely "NEW" administrator to run a health care program for the west. What that means is simple. Your Blue Shield PPO ( cadillac coverage) is GONE.

    You have to understand this FIRST AND FOREMOST.

    Instead, the local proposes purchase a "new" plan that is "similiar" to what we have today. The local "ISNT" saying it will be "IDENTICAL", just "SIMILIAR" and that should scare the crap out of you. If the plan was to be "IDENTICAL" to what we have today, they would be using the word "IDENTICAL" and that isnt happening.

    The local has advised that they need to hire an actuary to run an analysis of costs and operating costs of a new administrator and that would take 6 months to figure out. First, 6 months is ridiculous at best and borders on ludacrous. To ASK us to ratify a contract in the blind with a promise to get us coverage that is "similiar" instead of "identical" is unacceptable!

    Now, since the meeting, the business agents are in the yards telling us that in case the local is unable to secure a health care plan within those 6 months, the local will simply fall back and place us into the Central States Garbage plan with the others. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

    If you have a wife and kids, YOU will be forced to pay more out of you pockets for health care. ( deductibles, copays and participation percentages are way higher than what we pay today)

    THIS IS A PAYCUT plain and simple.

    Unless the local can provide us with a "SIDE BY SIDE" comparision between the health care plans they propose and the plans we are currently on before the ratification vote, then I URGE YOU TO VOTE NO.

    We cannot allow the local to blind side us in november with an inferior plan after the contract is ratified and leave us without an viable option for change.

    Secondly, progression to 4 years.

    This is the second contract in a row where the officers of local 396 have hurt our part timers by extending the progression rate. In 2008 they increased the progression rate to 36 months and now, in 2013 they are agreeing to CONCEED to another year making it 48 months. With Company profits at all time highs over the last 8 years, how can the local sell out our part timers with another year longer to get to full pay??

    This is unacceptable.

    For all of you part timers who get promoted to full time driver, the local just screwed you out of $13000 in pay by this extension. The local is telling you that they are fighting for you, yet clearly, when you do the math, they are taking money right out of your pockets and putting it back into the company's pockets.

    Waiting for 4 years to reach top pay doesnt HELP you, it hurts you and your families.

    For these two reasons alone, we must reject this proposal and FORCE our local to go back to the International and tell hall that "WE" in the west will not settle for an inferior contract that benefits the company and hurts our members. We must force our local to fight to maintain our current benefits and take the proposal to manage our healthcare plans OFF THE TABLE.

    We must force our local to understand that we are willing to go on strike to protect what is already ours in benefits. We must force our local to fight to protect the 36 month progression rate or reduce it back to 24 months. Either way, the local must represent our wishes and not their own.

    NO OFFICER owns, or places his or her wills on the members.

    If they are afraid to confront brother Hoffa and brother hall on these matters, then they need to recruit new affected local members to confront them instead.

    This contract proposal is crap from the jump and I again, URGE YOU TO VOTE NO.


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    That is probably not true.
    The contribution from UPS is probably the same and more than likely more than current levels.

    ​It would be more correct that it is a probable reduction in service level.
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    What is probably true is that, under the current plan, UPS shoulders the burden if the cost of healthcare rises.
    Meaning, they can't reduce our level of benefits throughout the contract.
    This new plan caps expenses paid to Central States.
    That being the case, when healthcare costs rise, benefits must decrease unless we supplement in the form of a co-pay or wage diversion.
    What is similar or even identical today, likely won't be shortly.

    In the end, I keep coming back to hard cold fact that UPS is thriving and we need not acquiesce to any concessions for this contract.
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    This contract is a "thankyou" to UPS corporate for buying out so many poorly "managed" pension funds across the country. Here in the Tristate area we were forced into a multi-employee pension plan to prop up poorly managed locals that have NOTHING to do with what I do for a living. We went from fully funded to just a hair above being investigated by the feds. Ive NEVER voted for a contract that includes give backs despite the majority favoring it. Ive supported my shop stewards and the rank and file of my building to the best of my abilities. But this contract is yet another scap of toilet paper crapped out to the rank and file that includes yet another round of give backs from a company that has enjoyed HUGE profits as a result of our hard work. I am voting NO. And Im voting against this Union heirarchy in the next elections. Start ironing your Browns guys...cause your days of driving in comfort has ended.
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    Just VOTE NO!!!!!! This is a pathetic contract for us........LOOK AT THE RECORD PROFITS!!! Why should we accept a substandard healthcare plan? The only way that would make sense for us is if we got atleast $1.50 a yr. $7.50-$8.00 over 5 yrs would be a start. $30 an hour now days is nothing, its like making $15 an hour with the costs of everything so high. I cant believe UPS even gets people walking through the doors at $8.50 an hour. No union job should start so low especially working for a company that makes billions every year! Stop settling on sub par contracts brothers and sisters. JUST VOTE NO!
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    If maintaining the same coverage goes up, that is a raise.
    I understand where you and others are coming from but it works both ways.
    A dollar spent is still a dollar.
    If $1.15 is spent that is a raise.
    It should be calculated in the total compensation and defined as a raise if it increases or a pay cut if it decreases.
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    This. I have been in the CS plan for 25 years and have seen nothing but our bennies dwindle down. I will say for not paying a dime it's better than nothing, but from here on out people welcome to our world.
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    Hoaxter you of all people should know the facts. Payments are negotiated in the contract if cost's go up during that period who foots the bill? The union and when the money runs out that is contributed how do you think they pay for increases? By dropping coverage and increasing co-pays and deductibles. Come on man.
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    Come on! I was in management ... I never read a contract the entire 35 years I was in management!
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    396 member here. Definitely a resounding "No" from me.
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    That seems to be the MO for all management and unfortunately even the labor managers.
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    Today, hall messaged out to us on the committtees, that ALL THE LOCALS including 396 have APPROVED this proposal, which means, that Local 396 has fully supported this proposal despite its CONCESSIONS to the company. Local 396 has now confirmed that they are willing to sacrifice the part timers by extending progression to 4 years. Local 396 has now confirmed that they will NOT fight to maintain our current healthcare plans as they stand now.

    Clearly, the International and the locals are only interested in the "WINDFALL" revenue they will recieve under this 5 year agreement.

    R. H at the monthly meeting indicated that "HE" settled for 1 additional year of progression because the company wanted 7 years. Well, so far, "HE" has given the company TWO (2) of those 7 years in 2 consecutive contracts. What can part timers expect 5 years from now? Maybe 5 years progression?

    How is this looking after the membership?


  15. Bubblehead

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    Yes, it is a raise.
    A raise that UPS has had no problem producing in the past.
    A raise that is now off the table under this new agreement, making it a concession.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    But it is not a pay cut as originally stated and what I replied to.
  17. Coldworld

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    you dont you..
  18. Monkey Butt

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    ​I stir in my sleep!
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    It is if it is something we presently enjoy, but will not in the proposed agreement.
    Conversely, if the cost of healthcare decreases...???, ain't gonna happen.
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    “The worst crime against working people is a company which fails to operate at a profit”

    ​ Samuel G Founder of AFL-CIO