Memorial Day

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    I wish to thank those who gave their lives so that we may continue to live with the freedoms we currently have.
    The sleepy little suburb I live in didn't have a clue until I started making phone calls to the local authorities.
    I guess everyone was too busy with their BBQ and beer to pay tribute to the fallen.
    Such a shame.
    I guess when certain entities come for our flag we'll have to decide if we have time, desire and want to set the BBQ and the beer down long enough to do something about it.
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    "Monday, May 31, 10:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m. San Clemente remembers our fallen soldiers with two events: an observance at the Community Center followed by a ceremony at the Marine Monument in Park Semper Fi. ." Park Semper Fi is a great meditation place......usually it's pretty empty (not today).

    The nice part is that the Marine monument is at the pier/beach. You can honor the fallen and current soldiers and then continue to the beach for your cook outs and fun day at the beach.
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    It's good to see your community was actually proactive in remembering and honoring the fallen.
    I had to call the police, numerous times, to get the flags lowered at the fire station, police station, city hall and the Veterans Memorial.
    I personally lowered the flag at the cemetery.
    No one gives a flip any more.
    I attended a church service Sunday with numerous PGR members to honor Veterans.

    Bad wars, good warriors.
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    I spent Friday visiting Friendship Cemetery in Columbus MS.
    This cemetery was the forerunner for what became memorial day.
    The cemetery is full of unknown soldiers that died at the Battle of Shiloh.
    The woman of Columbus ,in 1866, made garlands of flowers and laid them on both the graves of union and confederate.
    Their wish was that maybe woman in the north would do the same to honor their men who could not make it home.
    Yesterday, I visited the grave of David L. Holton
    in a small abandoned graveyard in the woods down from where I live.

    He was born Oct 12, 1901.
    PFC 143 Texas Infantry 36 Div.
    Died Dec. 25 1917.

    I came across his neglected grave 34 yrs ago.
    His age of less than 17 has always haunted me of a life not lived.

    Through searches I found out he died while preparing to go to France. He lied about his age to join and on record he was 19.

    I honor him equally with those that have served, because he was willing to serve.

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    NPR did an interesting piece on the history surrounding many of our memorials. Very informative. Maybe the draft would wake folks up to the sacrifices few in this country make for the many.
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    While there is no need for and zero support of a draft, I would personally support a requirement for 2 years of compulsory public service for all those 18 or older who are not pursuing a secondary education.
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    I respectfully disagree. There is a need from the ease in which we enter wars to the cost we pay to the way we treat (and fail to care for) returning veterans, we are far too disengaged. The only way to address such issues seems to be to have everyone involved.
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    Hopefully some would do their two years of service caring for disabled vets .