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    Our building just got audited today and our FT Sup had to go around to all the new guys and tell them who there Mentor was supposed to be. Of course these people had never really been mentored and there supposed mentor probably had no idea that they were supposed to do anything. It just got me wondering if anybody has actually seen this mentor thing actually happen. Do you think its a good thing, or that it actually helps. It is a question that they ask us everytime, so it must be happening somewhere, or at lease supposed to be.
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    New one on me!!!!!!!!!:dont_know:
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    We do mentoring at our center. I have mentored 3 people now. Two of those people are now mentors.
    For us all we do is meet once a week before the sort, and check in with who we are mentoring on a daily basis. There is a mentor book we have to write in that the preload sup checks.
    I believe this is part of a ups retention program.
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    Our center uses the "Mentor" system. I've been asked to help along some new folks. I get with them every other day to review SWMs and to just answer questions. It's something UPS has always had, old folks helping new folks, now the process has a name.

    And yes, before anyone asks, the time is paid for both employees.
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    It seems like a good idea, and I dont know why our center doesnt do it more. We have so many people get hired and then walk off within a week. Its getting pretty out of hand. You would think that if there was any way to stop this from happening, they would do it.
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    I guess we sort of do mentoring as well, they put new people with older people. However, we still tend to lose a lot of people once the FT grabs the newbe and throws them to the wolves of Irregs or clean! They usually don't last too long when that happens...
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    When I was a new driver part of the packet was assigning a 'mentor.' They wrote in some drivers name but never introduced me to him and he never in any way mentored me.

    They've had me mentor a couple drivers. But I'm not sure it was official mentor they write in the packet. They've just sent some newbies out on route with me a few times (the newbies ended up doing the routes they helped me on). And I've always gone out of my way to talk to them and stuff.
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    Hmmm.. I can't find "mentoring" in my contract book.

    How do I bid this job category? I have never seen it posted.

    How much extra will I be paid per hour?
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    In the contract it says if you are training someone else you get an extra .5 per hour and you can refuse to train someone. I suppose you can change your code to training whenever you are mentoring someone.
  10. Covemastah

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    I want to be OVAH 9.5's MENTOR!!!!!! he's my old shifting buddy !!!! I miss yah at the shifters lounge by 75 door....... call me
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    Covemaster WAS my mentor. Showed me some cool alternate routes like the one from the railyard!!!

    Then he left me..........
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    This is also called "Big Brother or Sister". It is more effective in large centers or hub and preload operations. Smaller centers or satellites don't need it as much. They work like a family already and just naturally gravitate to helping the new employee.

    In some cases, the employee can be quite intimidated by everything that is happening. This allows someone to develop trust and build a support system to keep the employee from bailing. It is a great concept and works well with people who really care about helping others.
  13. dilligaf

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    Silly man, you don't know our ctr. There is no team in I. Or maybe I should say there is me in team. Which ever works.

    Actually it probably isn't quite as bad as that but still, it's not all peaches and cream either. Mostly, it's all about I.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We don't have a mentoring program per se in our bldg but the newer drivers know that they can go to most of the veteran drivers with any questions/concerns or even to refresh their memory on where a certain street is or where do I deliver this particular stop or how do I do a multiple left at or whatever the issue may be. I have let most of the younger guys know that they can ask me anything that they would like at any time. I said most because we do have this one cover driver who seems to feel that he is the best thing to come along since sliced bread and who doesn't seek out or listen to advice from others and instead learns the hard way (perhaps not a bad thing).
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    Upstate, I know what you mean. I have a mental list of drivers that get no help from me. There are only a few, but they think they know everything, burn up routes and create more work for me when I go behind them chasing down follow ups and soothing customes that had pick ups missed etc. etc. Other than that, I'm happy to help another driver, just like the guys that hlped me a couple decades ago.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    LLG, I think we do this because when we first started we went to some of the vets for advice. Like I said, I help 99% of the TCD but there is this one that is always burning up routes, pissing off customers and making more work for the regular driver when he comes back and he is just too stubborn to listen.
  17. UPS Lifer

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    It appears you have an unofficial mentor program! You do yourself proud!

    i am not sure a lot of people realize that just about everything that UPS does when it comes to programs or methods or ideas come from the non-management ranks. It was a driver or a pre-loader or hub or clerical person that came up with a better or more efficient way to accomplish a task. The next thing you know it is etched in the UPS play book!

    This is why I feel good about turning the reigns over. People like you pick them up and move forward! :bow:
  18. UPS Lifer

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    Do you guys have a supervisor on site or is there a lead driver? Based on your comment it sounds like you have a supervisor there.
  19. trplnkl

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    Several years ago when UPS did the supervisor buy-out to reduce the number of first rung management, they started having drivers train new hires, peek helpers and cover drivers to new area's to them. That following peek season I was assigned to help train three helpers. I would drive out to the meet point for one helper and work with him/her for a couple of hours each day for 3 days. Then I would drive to another meet point and repeat the process and then again for the third one. They company was supposed to pay me mileage for using my personal vehicle because we had no more available package cars. You guessed it, after four pay checks I had not received any payment. By the time it was all said and done, managements best advice was that maybe I should file a grievance to get the money owed to me. Yeah boy, that's corporate integrity for ya.

    That ended MY input as a mentor.
  20. Mike Hawk

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    Lifer, I have something for you to etch into the playbook, start preload earlier or have drivers start later so preloaders have time to put their trucks in stop for stop order and remove misloads. The company would save money in the long run because you are paying a part timer $10 an hour to do it rather than a driver $40+ an hour on overtime while on the road. It's really a no brainer, 4 drivers sorting/shagging misloads at $160+ total an hour, or one preloader sorting 4 trucks at $10 an hour.

    Yes I realize that they are supposed to do that in the first place, but really they never do, because they don’t care, and because they won't get in trouble for it.