Merry Christmas"s Browncafe

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    Merry Christmas"s Browncafe

    I hope you are full of cheer, love, peace and acceptance. Enjoy and endure your problems.
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    I wish you and your girlfriend - good health!!
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    Merry Christmas!
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    I wish everyone would treat women with the respect they deserve. They bath us give birth to us they die for us and love us. They are women and we love them. They are our moms wife's sisters and daughters. They are our friends and to some of us the best friends we will ever have. Respect them because they are loved by God and some will die sooner than later. God bless them all I need them.

    Respect them
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    image.jpgLook at her isn't she so beautiful. She rescued us all.
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    Merry Christmas to All!

    May the Love of Jesus be upon you this Christmas Day!

    Jesue came to earth to die for all!

    May the gift you receive today be the gift of forgiveness that his birth, his life, his death and his resurrection offer.

    He was born so he could die for you, for me.

    He was innocent yet he died a criminals death, for you, for me.

    He shed his blood for the forgiveness of sins, for you, for me.

    He rose again to prove that all he did and said was true and that victory over death is attainable, for you, for me.

    Where ever you are in life maybe today is your day to receive the gift that only God can give.

    The gift of eternal life through the forgiveness of your sins, through Jesus the Christ.

    If so, this is a Merry Christmas in heaven because heaven and God rejoices in the only gift he wants from you, that is you.

    He wants you.

    If not for you, then maybe today you need to offer forgiveness to someone.

    A priceless gift that only you can offer those who have harmed you, let you down, or failed you in some way.

    Why not make today the day that you give the gift of forgiveness?

    Just call up to God or say to yourself if you don't believe in God, I forgive everyone who ever harmed, hurt, let me down, of done anything that I hold against them.

    You cannot truly do this and remain unchanged because even if you don't believe in God, he believes in you. He made you and He sent his son to die for you.

    Today we celebrate the birthday.

    Merry Christmas to All!

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    Merry Christmas to all my BC friends